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Suspendee Networking with GameMaker Studio

Video Introducing this tutorial

Starting Out :
Download Links

The Example :
Send A Message, Receive It Back In Uppercase.

How To Use Suspengine :
How To Import Suspengine
How To NOT Use Suspengine As A Prefix
Channels Explained, How And Why Network_Listen and AddFunc exist.
How To Send Data To A Suspengine Server And How To Receive It
How To Receive Data From The Server And How To Send Data From The Server
Connect Event, Disconnect Event, And Broadcasting To The Entire Server
Save Variables, Call Variables, Call The People Who Have Those Variables.
Send And Receive Raw Data Structures
Suspengine Functions Review
9 questions

Register And Login System :
Register And Login System
Download Link To Login And Registration System

The Object Follows The Cursor Game :
The Game
The Download Link To The Game

Conclusion :
The Conclusion