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Support Vector Machines in Python – SVM in Python 2019

Setting up Python and Python Crash Course :
Installing Python and Anaconda
Opening Jupyter Notebook
Introduction to Jupyter
Arithmetic operators in Python: Python Basics
Strings in Python: Python Basics
Lists, Tuples and Directories: Python Basics
Working with Numpy Library of Python
Working with Pandas Library of Python
Working with Seaborn Library of Python

Machine Learning Basics :
Introduction to Machine Learning
Building a Machine Learning Model

Maximum Margin Classifier :
Course flow
The Concept of a Hyperplane
Maximum Margin Classifier
Limitations of Maximum Margin Classifier

Support Vector Classifier :
Support Vector classifiers
Limitations of Support Vector Classifiers

Support Vector Machines :
Kernel Based Support Vector Machines

Creating Support Vector Machine Model in Python :
Regression and Classification Models
The Data set for the Regression problem
Importing data for regression model
Missing value treatment
Dummy Variable creation
X-y Split
Test-Train Split
Standardizing the data
SVM based Regression Model in Python
The Data set for the Classification problem
Classification model - Preprocessing
Classification model - Standardizing the data
SVM Based classification model
Hyper Parameter Tuning
Polynomial Kernel with Hyperparameter Tuning
Radial Kernel with Hyperparameter Tuning

Bonus Section :
Bonus Lecture