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Storytelling God

Video Introducing this tutorial

Seduction conversation charger
12 step solution to seductive stories
Setting the bait with stories
Jason’s 5 most seductively effective stories
The 6-word Ernest Hemingway story
The kind of stories that you should never share
Recommended books to master storytelling
How to have a never-ending supply of story ideas
How to tell seductive, compelling stories on demand
How to ethically embed powerfully hypnotic suggestions
Using powerful stories that amplify your sexual attraction
A conversation strategy to trigger high-powered attraction
Vocal tonality patterns of the most interesting men in the world
How to leverage the stories of historical legends and celebrities
How to tell stories that have people hanging on your every word
The Spielberg Advantage that gives you an edge over other guys
The Damaging Confession Strategy that gets women attracted to you
Why only a minimum amount of stories are needed to cover most situations
The ‘Live Lookins’ technique to make your story universal and you the focus
The James Bond secret for creating a positive, high status frame that makes you cooler
Advanced storytelling techniques (e.g. nested loops, pattern interrupts, using vivid imagery)

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