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Storytelling for link building and content marketing

Why stories so important for content marketing
What is story content?
7 Reasons why content is important
Why stories so important for content marketing
3 questions
How can you find compelling people stories? :
Introduction to the 4 sources
Source #1 - Influencers
Influencers - case study Dreams UK
Source #2: Customers
Customers - case study Tumbleweed Houses
Source #3 Staff
Staff - case study Clif Bar
Source #4 Founders
Founders - case study 'Hey Saturday'
How to conduct interviews like a professional :
Plan well beforehand
How to set up your interviews
Are email interviews useful?
How to record people's responses
Kristina recalls her first interview
Be prepared for the unexpected
Using interview material to create content :
Introduction: 4 types of written content
Article based on multiple interviews
In-depth interview
Creating a post around a single quote
Debate or Controversial Article
Organizing all your material
Getting down to the task of writing
What real stories can you find in your industry.
1 question

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