Udemy Step by Step Admin Panel Development – CakePHP 4.x Framework

Video Introducing this tutorial

Project Setup & Course Overview :
Admin Panel Demonstration
Modules Overview of Admin Panel
Download Admin Theme, Code Editor & Installing CakePHP 4.x
Run Installed Project to Browser

Database & Modules Setup :
Database Configuration & Create Module Controllers
Settings Models & Entities of Admin Modules
Database Table Settings Overview - Migration (Part 1)
Create Migrations of Database Table - Migration (Part 2)
Modifications of Migrations & Migrate to Database
Create a Seeder & Seed Admin data to Table

Admin Layout Settings :
Moving & Including Assets - Admin Layout
Including Admin Layout to Controller
Using Elements in Admin Layout
Creating Admin Menus / Submenus
Font Awesome Icons Settings & Dashboard Cards

Application Routes & Actions Settings :
Configurations of Admin Routes
Declaration of Controllers Actions
Create Templates of Actions & Load Parent Layout
Define Hyperlinks of Left Sidebar & Dashboard Cards
Dynamic Titles of Templates & Fix Image Issue

Admin Inner Templates Settings :
Template Layout - Add College
Client Side Validations with Form Setup
Template Layout - Add Branch
Adding DatePicker jQuery Plugin
Add Student Template Layout
Add Staff Template Layout
List College Template Layout
List Branch/Student/Staff Template Settings
Reports Inner Template Layouts

College - Admin Module with Database :
College - Create & Save Colleges to Table
College - List Colleges to Admin
College - Settings up Edit page
College - Submit Updated data to Server
College - Delete Data row functionality

Branch - Admin Module with Database :
Branch - Create & Save Branch data
Branch - Create BelongsTo Association with College
Branch - Settings of Edit & Submit data
Branch- Delete Data Row

Student - Admin Module with Database :
Student - Settings of Form, Model & Entity
Student - Create & Save Form data
Student - List data to DataTable
Student - Allot College/Branch
Student - Ajax Request to get branches
Student - Submit & Save Assigned College/Branch
Student - Change & Remove function of Allotment
Student - Create Edit Layout Settings
Student - Submit & Save Updated data
Student - Delete Row Functionality

Staff - Admin Module with Database :
Staff - Model, Entity & Form Settings
Staff - Submit & Save Form Data
Staff - List data to Datatable
Staff - Allot College/Branch Functionality
Staff - Submit & Save Updated Data
Staff - Delete Row Functionality

Reports - Admin Module :
Colleges Report Section
Students Report Section
Staffs Report Section
Dashboard Cards Settings

Admin Auth Module :
Settings of Auth Component, Controller & Route
Modifications of Auth Routes & Login Template Settings
User Login - Auth Functionality
Logout - Auth Functionality
Get User Details to Templates
Format of Logged Out Message & Title

Miscellaneous :
Bonus Lecture

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