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Statistics & Probability (Complete) For College/AP Students

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome To Statistics & Probability!
Here's What You Will Learn About In This Course
How To Get Free Homework, Quizzes & Exams
Who is This Course Designed For? What Materials Do You Need?

Terminology In Statistics :
What is Statistics?
Samples and Populations
Examples of Samples and Populations
Statistics, Parameters and Inferences
Examples of Statistics, Parameters and Inferences
Descriptive Statistics vs Inferential Statistics
Examples of Good Inferences vs Bad Inferences
What is a Variable?
Types of Variables in Statistics
Examples of Types of Variables in Statistics
Independent and Dependent Variables
Examples of Independent and Dependent Variables
Association vs Causation
Examples of Association and Causation
Anecdotal Evidence
Examples of Anecdotal Evidence
Response to "Why Anecdotes Trump Data"
Examples of a Census
Sampling Methods
Examples of Sampling Methods
Examples of Bias
Experiments and Observational Studies
Examples of Experiments and Observational Studies

Organizing Data :
Frequency, Relative Frequency and Cumulative Frequency
Organization of Data

Measuring Data :
Measure of Central Tendency
Examples of Measures of Central Tendency
The Measures of Dispersion
Why n-1 and Why Square Root?
Examples of Measures of Dispersion
Box Plots and Five Number Summaries
Examples of Box Plots and Five Number Summaries

Introduction To Probability :
Probability Terminology
Law Of Large Numbers
Probability Rectangles Make Probability So Much Easier To Understand!
Conditional Probability
Independent and Mutually Exclusive Events
Two Major Rules Of Probability
Response to "Would You Take This Bet"
Response to "What is Random?"
Response to "What is NOT Random"
Introduction to Random Variables
Examples of Random Variables

Probability Distributions :
Binomial Distribution
Geometric Distribution
Hypergeometric Distribution
Poisson Distribution

Continuous Probability Distributions :
Continuous Probability Functions
The Uniform Distribution
The Exponential Distribution
Introduction to Bell Curves
Examples of Bell Curves

Understanding Normal Distributions (Bell Curves) :
How to Read a Bell Curve
68-95-99.7 Rule
Examples of The 68-95-99.7 Rule
Why Understanding Bell Curves is Hard

The Standard Normal Distribution :
The Standard Normal Distribution
How Every Bell Curve is The Standard Normal Distribution
Developing a Formula
Example Using The Formula
Notation of Probability and Area Under The Curve
Examples of Probability Notation
What is Percentile?
Examples Using Percentile
Reading a Z-table
Examples of Using The Z-table
Using The Z-table Backwards
Using Z-tables to Find The Area to The Right
Using The Z table to Find The Z Score Given The Area to The Right
Using The Z-table to Find Area Between Two Z-scores
Challenge Problem
How to Apply The Standard Normal Distribution
Examples of Applying Standard Normal Distribution P(z
Examples of Applying Standard Normal Distribution P(z
Examples of Applying Standard Normal Distribution P(z
Applying Area to The Right of a Z-score Backwards
Applying Finding Area Between Two Z-scores
Applying Finding Area Between Two Z-scores Backwards
Example of Converting Between Bell Curves
Applying Normal Distributions

The Central Limit Theorem :
What is a Sample Averages Distribution?
The Central Limit Theorem
Animation of The Central Limit Theorem
Application of The Central Limit Theorem
Central Limit Theorem For Sums
Population Standard Deviation Formula
Applying Sample Distributions
Response to "Can You Solve This?"

Philosophy Of Statistical Tests :
What are Facts?
What is a Theory?
What are Candidate Theories and Axioms?
What is a Law?
What is a Hypothesis?
How Good is Your Experiment
Introduction to Confidence Intervals
Different Tests and Their Purposes
Response to "Regression to The Mean"

One Sample Tests :
The Z-test
Outcomes And The Type I and Types II Errors
Distribution Needed For Hypothesis Testing
Rare Events, The Sample, Decision And Conclusion
P-values And Alpha-Values
Example Using a Z-test
Response to "Is Most Published Research Wrong?"
Problems with Z-tests
Introduction to T-scores - The Penalty for Calculating Standard Deviation
The Better Confidence Interval
The T-test
Example Using The T-test
Confidence Intervals for Proportions
Example of Confidence Intervals for Proportions
Z-test for Proportions

Two Sample Tests :
Two-Sample (Independent) T-Test For The Mean
Example Of A Two-Sample (Independent) T-Test For The Mean
Two-Sample (Independent) Z-Test For The Mean
Two-Sample (Independent) Z-Test For The Proportion
Paired/Matched Sample T-Test For The Mean
Example Of A Paired/Matched Sample T-Test For The Mean

One-Way ANOVA Test
Example Of The One-Way ANOVA Test

Regression :
Scatter Plots
Introduction to Linear Regression
The Regression Equation
The Correlation Coefficient & The Coefficient of Determination
Example of Using Linear Regression
Exponential Regression & Complex Regression

Chi-Squared Tests :
Chi-Squared Distribution
Example of a Chi-Squared Test

Conclusion :