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Start With C/C++ and Object Oriented Programming

Video Introducing this tutorial

Start With The Basics :
C++ Compiler and IDE
Hello World
What Is A Variable
Code Example Of A Variable
Notes on Variables
What Are Strings
Code Examples of Strings
What do you remember about variables
4 questions

C++ Loops and If Statement :
The For Loop
Example Of A For Loop
The While Loop
Example Of A While Loop
The Do-While Loop
Example of a Do While Loop
The If Statement
Example of an If Statement
Break and Continue
Example Use of Break and Continue Keywords
Recap on Loops
2 questions

Reusable Code Blocks :
What is a Reusable Code Block

Functions :
The 'main' Function
Function Definitions
Defining The Functions Before The Main
Declare The Function Prototype Before We Us
Defining The Functions In a Separate File
Function Inputs - How do we pass a value into a function
Returning a Value from a Function
Function Definition
2 questions

Arrays and Pointers :
Example of an Array
Example of a Pointer
Enum Example
Union Example

Example Using What Learnt So Far :
Reverse A String Program

Classes and Object :
What is a Class
Example of a Class
Inheritance and Derived Classes Example
More on Constructors
More on Deconstructors
Virtual Methods and Pure Virtual Examples
What is a Struct and an Example
Linked Lists

Containers :

Template :
Template Function
Template Class

Thank You For Watching :
Thank you for taking this course