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Start and Run a successful consulting business

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
What is the value of consulting?
Around what you can build consulting?

Where you can get ideas for your consulting businesses? :
Satisfy your own need
Carving out
Walk away and become independent
Transform a product or a service into consulting

Business model of a service company :
Introduction to service company
Mechanics of business model for a consulting firm
The business model of a consulting firm in Excel - Capacity and revenues
The business model of a consulting firm in Excel - costs and profit & loss

Getting first customers :
Steal customers
Take over director / partner from a competitive company
Use marketplaces
Content Marketing
How do we do content marketing?
Event Marketing
Trainings Marketing
Cold Calling

1-man show, freelancers, jack-of-all-trades :
1-man show introduction
1-man show improving the ulitization of your time
1-man show - how to increase the average price
1-man show - additional revenue streams

Tools you need in a consulting company - itnroductions :
Using the right tools
Standardize everything
Create templates
Example of standards and templates for Excel analysis
Power point templates
Create modules
Create universal structure of folders

Examples of tools (with dowloadable templates) :
Example of a proposal for a consulting project
How to describe your experience for your proposal
Kick-off meeting presentation
Alternative slides for the proposal

Pricing :
How you can price consulting projects?
Calculating the price and profitability of a consulting project
Price Positioning
Discounting consulting project - Introduction
Discount policy - alternatives
Dynamic pricing in consulting

How to sell at lower price and higher margin - case study of one project :
How to sell at lower and keep high margins? Introduction
RFP that I received - details
My first proposal - introduction
My first proposal - details
What happened during the negotiations?
Second offer - how I redesigned the project

Managing consulting company :
Organizational structure and responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities
Typical structure of a project
How to avoid mutiny?

Preparation for scaling of consulting company :
Scaling of consulting business - Introduction
Valley of death
Scalable selling machine in consulting
Analyzing the profitability of sales channels - introduction
Analyzing the profitability of sales channels -example of audit services
Analyzing the profitability of sales channels -example of selling small services

Conclusions :
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