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SQL Tutorial For Tester

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction of SQL and Database :
Course Introduction
What is relational database
Practice Activity 1
3 questions

Basic Queries :
Fetching list of databases, tables
Creating database
Creating Table
Inserting data in table
Update Data in Table
Deleting table data
Deleting table using drop statement
Practice Activity 2
6 questions

Select Statement :
Select Statement
Where clause with Select Statement
Select Distinct
Like operator for pattern matching
Between Operator in SQL
In Operator in SQL
Sorting data using order by
Practice Activity 3
5 questions

Aggregate Functions , Group By, Having Clause :
Max() function in SQL
Min() function in SQL
Avg() function in SQL
Sum() function in SQL
Count() function in SQL
Group by and Having Clause in SQL

Joins in SQL :
What is Join
Inner Join in SQL
Left and Right Outer Join