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SQL Course For Beginners: Learn SQL Using MySQL Database

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the course :
Introduction to the course

Introduction to SQL and Databases :
What are databases and why do we need them
Introduction To SQL

Installing required softwares to get us started :
Installation steps for Windows
Installation Steps For Mac Updated & Recorded
Installation steps for MAC
Installation steps for Linux

Database Creation & The Select Statement. :
Creating a new database
Creating a table in database
Inserting Data Into Table
Using the SELECT clause
Using the SELECT DISTINCT clause
Using the WHERE clause
True condition
False condition
Quiz 1: Introduction To SQL
3 questions
Coding Challenge Part -1
Coding Challenge Part-1 Solution
Summary & Notes For Section 3

SQL Operators :
SQL AND Operator
SQL OR Operator
SQL LIKE Operator
SQL Between Operator
SQL Numeric Operator
SQL Comparision Operator
Quiz 2: Test What you have learned in this section
4 questions
Coding Challenge Part-3
Coding Challenge Part-3 Solution
Summary & Notes For Section 4

Insert, Update And Delete :
Inserting data using the Insert
Insert into select statement
Updating data using Update
Deleting data using delete
Quiz 3
4 questions
Coding Challenge Part-4
Coding Challenge Part-4 Solution
Summary & Notes For Section 5

SQL Joins :
Introduction to Joins
Inner Join
Left Outer Join
Right Outer Join
Full Outer Join
Cross Join
Quiz 4
4 questions
Coding Challenge Part-5
Coding Challenge Part-5 Solution
Summary & Notes For Section 6

Built In SQL Functions :
SQL AVG() Function
SQL Count() Function
SQL Min() Function
SQL Max() Function
SQL Sum() Function
SQL Ucase() Function
SQL Lcase() Function
SQL Mid() Function
SQL LEN() Function
Quiz 5
5 questions
Coding Challenge Part-6
Coding Challenge Part-6 Solution
Summary & Notes For Section 7

Constrains In SQL :
Constrains In SQL
Not Null Constrain In SQL
Unique Constrain In SQL
Primary Key Constrain In SQL
Foreign Key Constrain In SQL
Default Constrain In SQL
Auto Increment Constrain In SQL
Quiz 6
5 questions
Summary & Notes For Section 8

Practice Examples :
Practice Example Part 1
Practice Example Part 1 Solution
Practice Example Part 2
Practice Example Part 2 Solution
Practice Example Part 3
Practice Example Part 3 Solution
Practice Example Part 4
Practice Example Part 4 Solution
Practice Example Part 5
Practice Example Part 5 Solution

Conclusion :
Conclusion Lecture