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Sound Design – Boost Your Brand by Creating an Audio Logo

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started with Audio Logos :
Introduction to Creating Audio Logos
Assignment 1: Research Other Audio Logos
Previewing an Audio Logo
What You'll Need for this Course

Working with Video :
How to create an animated logo
Importing Video into your project
Assignment 2: Importing your Video into your DAW
Making Markers for Hits and Scene Changes
Finding the Tempo for your Audio Logo
What are Markers good for?
1 question
Assignment 3: Adding Markers and Finding Your Tempo

Adding Impact Sounds :
Adding a Hit sound when the Logo lands
Turning This Hit sound into a Sub Hit
Assignment 4: Adding Hits to your Audio Logo

Creating Whooshes and Builds :
Creating Your Own Whoosh Sounds
Adding Extra Sound Effect with the Impact Sounds
Creating Reversed Sound Effects for builds in the Animation
Adding in Sparkle Effects
What type of sample can you use to create a Whoosh sound
1 question
Assignment 5: Creating Whoosh and Reverse Sounds

Adding Tonal Color and Layering :
Adding Tonal Chords
Layering Up Parts
Assignment 6: Adding Some Chords to Your Logo

Using Sequencers and Arps for Motion and Melodies :
Add a Sequencer Instrument Part for Movement and Pulse
Creating Melodies with Arp Sequences
What are Arp Effects good for
1 question
Assignment 7: Write your Melody Part

Editing the Mix and Finalising the Audio Logo :
Editing your Mix
Export out Your Audio to Video
Assignment 8: Finishing up your Audio Logo

Extra Tips and Tricks :
Bonus Lecture: Handy Resources and Tips