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Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction - How to Download Siemens Solid Edge (Free)
2. Basic Shapes
3.View orientation
4.Drawing Commands
5. Skatching simple shapes
6.Geometric Relationships
7.Relate Additional Geometric Relationships
9.Tangent Constraints
10.Creating and Dimensioning Sketches
11.Using Geometric Constraints Together
12.Crosshatch Sketch Options
13.Understanding Reference Planes - Lock
14.Reference Planes - Locking to a Face
15.Area Finding the area of a Sketch
16.Why its Important to Center Parts Around the Axis
17.Part Painter - Adding Color to Features and Faces
18.Reference Planes - How to Create Your Own
19.Trim Command - A Closer Look
20.Sketching - Creating a Lego Block
21.Sketching - Putting it All Together and Finding Area
22.Understanding Why Part Orientation Matters
23.Orientation and the Best Approach to 3D Design
24.Physical Properties
25.Selecting the Correct View to Start a 3D Model
26. Project to Sketch
27.Drawing Views
28.Copy Rotate and Trim Commands
29.Pattern Rotate 3D
30. Revolve
31.Revolve - Creating a Bottle
32. Revolve and Thinwall
33.Revolving Cup
34.The Magic Wheel - Rotating Faces
35. Steering Wheel - Modifying Models
36. Assemblies - The Basics
37.Assemblies - More Details
38.Assemblies - Measuring in 3D Space
39.Assemblies - Measure Minimum Distance
40.Practice Exam - What to Expect
42.Example 01- Practice Exam
43.Example 2 - Practice Exam
44.Example 3 - Practice Exam
45.Example 4 - Practice Exam
46.Example 5 - Practice Exam
47.Example 6 - Practice Exam
48.Example 7 - Practice Exam
49.Example 8 - Practice Exam
50.Example 9 - Practice Exam
51.Example 10 - Practice Exam