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Software Product Leadership – Product Management 101

Introduction :
Course Overview
What is a PM?

Business: Discovering market needs and opportunities :
Section Overview
Understanding Business Motivations
Business Motivations and Customer Needs
1 question
Uncovering the competitive landscape
Keeping up with industry trends
Forming a point of view
Why Minimum Viable Product
1 question
Customer Empathy
Customer Empathy Quiz
7 questions

Leadership: Getting your team and other stakeholders onboard :
Section Overview
Creating the pitch
Estimating what skills and resources are needed to get there
Understanding team dynamics
Avoiding the lone star problem
Socializing ideas
Seeking and receiving feedback

Design: Crafting the User Experience :
Section Overview
User Stories and Personas
Getting started with design explorations
Non visual elements of user experience
Quantitative User Research
A/B testing product ideas

Execution and Evaluation: Delivering on the value proposition :
Section Overview
Anatomy of functional specs
Functional Spec
1 question
Unblocking engineers
Interfacing with other parties
Standard Metrics (MAU, DAU and more)
Execution and Evaluation
2 questions
Decision making with metrics
Sum up: A day in the life of a Product Manager

Your PM Career: Getting in and growing as a Product Manager :
Section Overview
Career cycle and changing roles
'PM'ing your job search
How to prepare for a PM interview
Test your PM thinking!
1 question
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