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SlamAcademy Drum Programming Masterclass, Part 1: Rhythms & Patterns

Introduction :
Welcome & Introduction
About Me

Working with Beats on the Grid :
Making Beats in Your Audio Sequencer
[Download] Some Samples to Get You Started
Making Beats with the MIDI Grid

Reading the Timeline :
The Bar
The Beat (Or Pulse)
The 8th and 16th
"Counting" Bars
Reading Drum Patterns

Elements of the Drum Pattern :
The 3 Essentials
More Cymbals
Other Sounds
Where to find good drum samples (for free!)
[Download] Sample Drum Kits

What We Look for in a Drum Pattern :
Building a Groove
Simplicity & Genre
Feel (Swing)

The Basic Pattern :
What it is
The Basic Pattern
Adding Off-Beats
The Importance of Tempo
[Download] Files and Session

Building on the Basic Pattern :
Adding Variation with Percussion

Genre 1: Programming a House Beat :
About Genres
Finding Our Sounds
The Basics of a House Beat
Adding more Elements
Analysis: Sam Paganini, Satellite
[Download] Files and Session

Analysis: Daft Punk :
Finding the Right Sounds
Building the Pattern
Swing Elements
[Download] Files and Session

Wrap Up :
What Next? Samplers, Effects, and Sound Design
Thanks for Watching!
Bonus Lecture: Discount Offers & Mailing List