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Getting Started with Simulink :
Getting Started with Simulink
Getting Started with Simulink - Part 2
Sources Blocks - Generate Your Test Signals
Sinks Blocks - Display & Export Your Signals
Math Library - Integrate Mathematical Functions Blocks in your Model
User Defined Functions
Look Up Tables
mux, demux & bus
Selectors & Switches
Logic Operations
Using M-Files

Introduction to Modeling & Simulation :
Section 3 Introduction
Laplace Transformation (Revision) + Transfer Function
Mechanical Systems Modelling
Electrical Systems Modelling
Hydraulic Systems Modelling
Introduction to Control Systems
Section 3 Quiz
4 questions

Advanced Techniques + Real Life Applications in Automatic Control :
Section 4 Introduction
Modelling & Simulation of a Tank Level Control (No Controller)
Tank Level Control Using Proportional Controller
Building Mass Spring Damper Model
Mass Spring Damper Model Using Transfer Function Block
Modelling & Simulation of a DC Servo Motor
DC Servo Motor - S Domain
PID Controller
Tank Level Control Using PID Controller
Quarter Car Model (Time Domain)
Quarter Car Model (S Domain)
Quarter Car Model With Varying Damping Coefficient
1 question

Introduction to State Machines using State Flow :
Section 5 Introduction
What is a State Machine
More On Finite State Machines
Getting started with State Flow
Conceptual Example - Mp3 Player System
Building Traffic Light System - State Flow
Building Car Turning Signal System - State Flow
State Actions (entry, during, exit)
Using MATLAB & SIMULINK Functions inside your State Machine
1 question