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Sketching for UX Designers – Boost UX work with pen & paper!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Sketching for UX Designers :
Introduction: Welcome
I can't draw…
Visual Thinking
Advantages for UX Designers

Drawing Basic Shapes :
Basic Shapes

Sketching User Interfaces & User Flows :
Introduction to UI Sketching
What is your goal?
Sketching UI elements: Content & Text
Sketching UI elements: Navigation & Forms
Sketching UI elements: Icons
Sketching Icons Exercise
Shading & Highlighting
User Flows
Sketching UI Animations
UI Sketching Exercises
UI Sketching Advices

Storyboarding: Theory & Practice :
Introduction to Storyboarding
Storyboarding: People
Storyboarding: Location
Storyboarding: Speech & Thoughts
Storyboarding: Containers & Frames
Storyboarding: Process
Storyboarding: Text
Storyboarding: Objects
Storyboarding: Color & Effects
Storyboarding Example
Storyboarding Theory: Benefits & Goals
Storyboarding Theory: Process
Storyboarding Theory: Advices
How to apply Storyboarding

Advices & Resources :
How to work on your Sketching skills
Bonus Lecture: Participate & Discover - Resources