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Udemy Siemens NX 10 Essential Training 2020

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Exercise Files

Getting started with NX :
What is NX
Design intent
File format in NX

User Interface :
Overview of NX User Interface
Ribbon customization
Create new Tab
User interface preferences
How to find tool in NX
Resource bar
Top border bar
Roles option
Change NX environment using application

View manipulation :
Zoom pan and rotate options
Orient view
Change model display style with background color
Create section view
Show and hide feature

Basic Sketch Creation :
Create a sketch
Difference between direct sketch and sketch in task environment
Sketch editing mode
Important options in sketch tool
Create Line
Circle tool
Rectangle tool
Arc tool
Profile tool

Geometric and dimentional constraints :
What is constraints
Constraint types
Automatic geometric relations
Apply geometric relations mannually
Basic geometric relations
Shortcut to apply geometric relations
Advanced geometric relations
QuickPick tool
Delete relations
Control automatic geometric relations
Dimensional constraints
Options in rapid dimension tool
Continuous auto dimensioning
Sketch fully constraints
Easy way to fully constraint sketch
Solve over constraint problem
Convert to from reference

Intermediate sketch tools :
Cretae ellipse
Cretae offset curve
Create Mirror curve
Create polygon
Create linear pattern
Create circular pattern
Create intersection curve
Create project curve

Modify sketch :
Quick trim and extend
Create fillet
Create chamfer
Make corner tool

Managing sketch :
Internal and external sketch
Sketch preferences

Getting started with parts :
Part topics overview
Basic rules to create a 3d part
Sketched based and non sketch based feature

Sketch based features :
Create extrude
Section option in extrude tool
Limit option in extrude tool
Boolean option in extrude tool
Offset option in extrude tool
Curve rule option in selection group toolbar
Create revolve
Sweep along guide

Managing features :
Part navigator overview
Model View
Create camera
Model History
Feature reorder

Part modifitaion features :
Create Edge blend
Create Chamfer
Make Shell in a solid body
Create hole
Combine body using unite tool
Substract body
Trim body tool

Pattern making :
Linear pattern
Circular pattern
Polygon pattern
Geometry pattern
Mirror feature and mirror body

Datum features :
Create datum plane
Create datum axis
Create datum coordinate

Create assembly :
File structure in assembly environment
Work part displayed part and loaded part
Top down and bottom up assembly
Create part file using assembly template
Placement option to add component
Add same part with multi instance in the assembly
Insert sub assembly as a component in a assembly
Move component tool

Assembly constraint :
Assembly constraints Overview
Apply different constraint to get different results
Evaluate part position status
Show degrees of freedom
Create assembly constraints
Touch align constraints
Concentric constraint
Distance constraint
Parallal and perpendicular constraint
Remember constraint tool

Pattern in assembly :
Linear pattern
Circular pattern
Mirror component

Exploded View :
Exploded view overview
Create exploded view automaticlly
Create exploded view manually
Tracelines in exploded view

Understanding drafting overview :
Understanding drafting environment
Understanding drawing file format
Create a drawing file

Basic view type in drawing :
Create view using view creation wizard
Create view using base view
Create view using projected view tool
Create an auxiliary view
Create a detail view
Create a simple and stepped section view
Create revolved section view

Dimension type :
Add dimension
Add detailed dimension
Anticipate design changes
Edit or delete dimensions based on model changes
Add hole call out info to drawing

Annotation :
Add text using note tool
Text alignment
Add leader to text
Add dynamic text
Add weld symbol
Add surface finish symbol

Add intersection symbol:
Create center mark