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Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome And Introduction :
10 Reasons Shopify Is Awesome & Might Be Right For You
Course Overview - What You'll Learn In This Udemy Course
Understanding Shopify - 3 Foundational Aspects
A Shopify Website Guided Tour - Behind The Scenes
First Steps / Next Steps - Getting Started Quickly
Helpful Practice Activity
1 question

Setting Up Your Shopify Site Like A Pro :
Introduction To Shopify Themes
Insider Secrets - 4 Considerations When Looking At Themes
The Site Builders Checklist Powerpoint
Site Builders Checklist As PDF
Theme Check-List Part 1 - Branding Aspects
Theme Check-List Part 2 - Product Aspects
Theme Check-List Part 3 - Pricing Functionality Aspects
Theme Check-List Part 4 - Placement Aspects
Theme Check-List Part 5 - Promotion Aspects
Theme Store Guided Tour
Installing A Theme On Your Shopify Site

Using The Shopify App Marketplace To Expand Your Store's Functionality :
Introduction To The Shopify App Marketplace
6 App You Should Consider Adding To Your Shopify Website
A Guided Tour Of The App Marketplace
7 Insider Tips For Working With Apps

Setting Up Your Products In Shopify :
An Introduction To Shopify Products
Apps You Might Need For Various Product Strategies
Integrating Shopify And Amazon
Product Set-up Guided Tour
3 Important Insider Secrets Related To Products

Payment Options For Your Shopify Store :
An Introduction To Payment Options
Understanding The Shopify Merchant Services Payment Option
Exactly When And How You Get Paid When Customers Purchase
Using The Shopify Point-Of-Sale Card Reader

Email Integration Strategies, Apps & Resources :
Introduction To Email Marketing Integration On Shopify
Name Collection Via Shopify Apps
Name Collection Via The Shopify Shopping Cart
An Overview Of Email Marketing Campaigns
Email Marketing Welcome Campaigns
Email Marketing Engagement Campaigns
Bonus Gift: 49 Email Marketing Secrets, A 61-Page Ebook

Social Media Integration With Shopify :
Introduction To Social Media Marketing Integration With Shopify
Understanding The Massive Value Of Facebook And Pinterest For Social Traffic
Little Known New Secret Selling Directly On Social Media Sites Via Shopify
Instagram Integration With Hashtags
Embedding Youtube Videos On Your Shopify Product Pages

Analytics And Reporting Using Shopify & 3rd Party Apps :
An Introduction To Shopify Reports & Analytics
A Shopify Reports Walk-Through
Turning A Shopify Report Into Actionable Business Insights
Evaluating The 3rd Party Analytics Apps
Using Google Analytics With Shopify
Final Tip & Next Steps For Your Awesome Shopify Site

Demonstration Site Build :
Welcome To The Demonstration Site Build
Site Build Video 1 - Shopify Store Setup
Site Build Video 2 - Adding A Theme & Setting Up A Primary Slider
Site Build Video 3 - Choosing A Theme's Style (If applicable)
Site Build Video 4 - Choosing Your Shopify Subscription Level (insider details).
Site Build Video 5 - Adding Product (Part Two)
Site Build Video 6 - Adding A Product (Part Three)
Sit Build Video 7 - Adding Pages To Your Shopify Site
Site Build Video 8 - Menu Structure Options
Site Build Vide 9 - Changing Site Fonts And Colors
Site Build Video 10 - Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy Pages (Part One)
Site Build Video 12 Email Integration Part One
Site Build Video 12 Email Integration Part Two (Exit Intent Pop Ups)
Site Build Video 13 Blogging Part One
Site Build Video 14 Blogging Part Two
Site Build Video 15 Point Of Sale (POS) Setup
Sie Build Video 16 Setting Up Google Analytics
Site Build Vieo 17 - Setting Up Your Customer Domain Name / URL

Conclusion & Next Steps