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Udemy ServiceNow Web Application

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learn How to Develop A basic Application in Servicenow :
Weather Application in ServiceNow
Create An App In Studio
Our API documentation
Create An Action in Flow Designer
Create Inputs For your Action - Flow Designer
Step 1- Outbound REST request for Getting Longitude and Latitude of the City.
Step 2- Parse The Response Body
Step 3 - Outbound REST request for getting The Weather Info
Step 4- Parse The Response Body
Create a Script Include
Test the Script in Script Background
Create a UI Script and a UI page
Bring Small Changes to our Script Incude
Test Your Code From the Web Browser
Angular JS in our UI Page
Bring some changes to our UI script
Test your Code from the Web browser
Use Materliaze CSS to design the ui page
Test the Final Result

Single Webpage Weather App :
#1 Introduction Create a single webpage weather app
#2 Get Latitude and Longitude with an action step -Flow designer
#3 Script to parse the response body
#4 Parse the second response body and create action outputs
#5 Using the code snippet - create a script include
6# Create UI script to call the script include and alert the result with UI page
7# Bind data with Angular JS
8# Use Materializecss to design the UI page