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SEO 2017: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to SEO 2017 Course :
Introduction to this SEO Training 2017 Course for Wordpress Websites
Before you start - ReadMe
Introduce Yourself
3 questions

SEO 2017: Technical Factors in SEO :
Why Technical Factors Matter in SEO?
SEO Factor 1: Existence of Meta Description
SEO Factor 2: Existence of H tags
SEO Factor 3: H tags in User Experience + Brand Factor
SEO Factor 4: Domain SEO Visibility
SEO Factor 5: Keyword in Domain Name
SEO Factor 6: HTTPS
Technical SEO Quiz 1
20 questions
SEO Factor 7: Search Volume of Domain Name
SEO Factor 8: Ratio of HomePages
SEO Factor 9: Domain is .COM
SEO Factor 10: Flash Content
SEO Factor 11: URL Length
SEO Factor 12: File Size
SEO Factor 13: Site or Page Speed
Wrap Up
Implement Technical SEO Factors in your website
8 questions

SEO 2017: How I Got 100/100 PageSpeed Insights Score from Google :
Introduction to Page Speed SEO Tools
Links to Page Speed Tools
How to be Fail Safe
Two Pagespeed Techniques: Which one to follow?
Make sure your websites are not hosted by these slow hosting providers
Measure Page speed before Optimization
3 questions
Introduction to CDN
Compress Images on your WordPress website
Free Image CDN for your WordPress website
Add a Free Total CDN for your Website
Link to Add Free CDN to your Website
Demystifying Pagespeed Myths
Further Image Optimization
Clarifying PageSpeed Technique Indexes
Reduce server response time - PST 1A
Install and Configure Cache Plugin - PST 1B
HTML, CSS and Js Optimization - PST 1B
Eliminate render blocking CSS and Js - PST 1B
How to do Page Speed test - The Right way?
Page Speed Technique 1C - PST 1C
Page Speed Test After Optimization - PST1
3 questions
What to Worry and What Not?
Page Speed SEO Technique 2 Starts Here - PST 2
What is the Page Speed Technique 2.0? - PST 2
Install and Configure the Page Speed Optimization Plugin - PST 2
Get Premium Support From the Author - PST 2
Troubleshoot: Images not appearing in Mobile devices - PST 2
HTML, CSS & Js Optimization - PST 2
Eliminate render blocking of CSS and Js - PST 2
Optimize Cloudflare for the best page speed - PST 2
Completing the Page Speed Optimization - PST 2
Page Speed Test After Optimization - PST2
3 questions
Try to avoid these Slow Hosting Providers

SEO 2017: Get Indexed by Search Engines Faster :
Create A Sitemap For Your Website
If you can't see XML sitemaps on Yoast SEO, Do this...
Links to all sites discussed in this section
How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console
How To Add Sitemap Of Your Site To Google Search Console
How To Add “www” Version Of Your Domain To Search Console
Create a Sitemap and Submit to Google
2 questions
How To Add Your Website & Sitemap To Bing
How To Add Your Website & Sitemap To Yandex
Reg: How to Claim website in Alexa
How To Claim Your Website in Alexa
Wrap Up

SEO 2017: User Experience - Future SEO Factor :
Why User Experience Matters in SEO?
SEO Factor 14 - How many Internal Links should you add in your post?
SEO Factor 15 - How many images should you add in your post?
SEO Factor 15 - How to add copyright-free related images to your post for free?
SEO Factor 16 - Videos Integration
SEO Factor 16.1 - How to add related videos?
SEO Factor 17 - Responsive Design
Links to test SEO Factor 17
SEO Factor 17 - How to Change to a responsive WordPress theme for free?
SEO Factor 18 - Font Size
Links to test SEO Factor 18
SEO Factor 19 - Interactive Elements
How to add interactive elements to your WordPress website
SEO Factor 20 - Unordered Lists
SEO Factor 21 - Advertisements
SEO Factor 22 - User Signals
SEO Factor 23 - Click Through Rate
How to Headings & Meta Description that induce Users to click on Google Search?
Test your Heading Score with these Analysers
How to add Rich Snippets to your Website?
SEO Factor 24 - Time on Site
SEO Factor 25 - Bounce Rate
How to increase Time on site & reduce Bounce rate?
How to Configure a Google Analytics account?
How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress Website?
How to Link Search Console to Google Analytics

SEO 2017: Keyword Research in SEO :
SEO Factor 26: What is a Keyword
SEO Factor 27: Broad vs. Long Tail Keywords
SEO Factor 28: Where to Collect Keywords
SEO Factor 29: Find Top Keywords of Competitors
SEO Factor 30: How to Make a List of Competitor's Keywords
Google's Official Keyword Tool : SEO Tool
Can't Access Keyword Planner Tool?
How to Validate Keywords for SEO with Google Trends
SEO Factor 31: How to Convert Broad keywords into Long tail Keywords
The All in One SEO Tool
How to use Google Search Suggestions: SEO Tool
SEO Factor 32: Find Top Ranking Keywords of Your Site

SEO 2017: Demystifying Backlinks SEO :
Are Backlinks still important for SEO?
Terminologies used in Backlinks SEO
SEO Factor 33: Number of Backlinks - Is it matter still?
SEO Factor 34: Number of Referring Domains
SEO Factor 35: Keyword vs. Brand name in Anchor text of Backlinks
SEO Factor 36: Source links from News sites
SEO Factor 37: Backlink Age - Old vs. New links
Wrap up - Demystifying Backlinks SEO section
17 Untapped Backlink Sources

Protect against Negative SEO :
Introduction to Negative SEO
Common negative SEO methods practised by competitors
Proofs that exists as example for negative seo on www
What falls under this negative seo attack
5 different SEO tools to analyse your backlink profile
Links to 5 different SEO tools to analyse your Backlink Profile
Interpret the situations that are not a negative seo attack
Steps you’d do to get your 1st line of defense against negative SEO
How to protect the best SEO backlinks in your backlink profile
How to collect list of worst SEO backlinks - Part 1
How to remove them from eyes of google part 2: SEO 2017
How to remove the worst SEO backlinks in your backlink profile
SEO Factor 38: How to avoid duplicate content within your website
SEO Factor 39: How to deal with 404 not found pages
SEO Factor 40: What is a canonical tag? How to use it?
5 common SEO mistakes that are done by webmasters
Some of the bad SEO practices you’d not do on your site

Bonus :
Bonus: For Best Pagespeed, the Hosting Provider that I use for my

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