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Selenium for Beginners using Java step by step

Introduction :
Setup and Verify Java & Selenium
Setting up Chrome Driver

Link to source code :
Source code

WebDriver :
Introduction to WebDriver
WebDriver In-Action
Different Browser Types and WebDriver
Setting IE WebDriver from ground-up

TestNG :
Introduction to TestNG
Setup and using TestNG

WebElement :
Introduction to WebElement
Coding with WebElement
HTML Coding : Understsanding HTML Basics
Understanding Radio Buttons

Resource Locators :
Introduction to Resource Locators
Using Chrome Developer Console for Resource Locators - Most Reliable Way
Resource Locators by ID
Resource Locators by Name
Resource Locators by XPATH

Waits :
Why we need Waits in Selenium and Types of Waits
Implicit Wait and How to Implement
Explicit Wait and How to Implement

Assertions :
Introduction to Assertions
Hard Assertion and How-To