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Scrum For Beginners and Intermediate, Certification Tips

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
What is the course about?
Who is this course for?
Who are the course authors?

Agile and Scrum :
Agile and Scrum
Agile vs. Waterfall
Waterfall downsides
Agile vs. Waterfall - Quiz
3 questions
The new agile approach - Agile manifesto
Agile Manifesto 12 principles
Agile - Quiz
3 questions
What is Scrum?
Scrum values
Scrum - Quiz
2 questions

Scrum Roles :
Scrum Roles - Scrum Team
Product Owner
Product Owner's responsibilities
Product Owner and the Product Backlog
Effective Product Owner Characteristics
Product Owner Common Mistakes
Product Owner F.A.Q.
Product Owner - Quiz
5 questions
Development Team
Development Team responsibilities
Development Team Common Mistakes
Development Team - Quiz
5 questions
Scrum Master
Scrum Master’s responsibilities
Cooperation with the Product Owner
Cooperation with the Development Team
Scrum Master and the Organization
Scrum Master and Scrum Events
Effective Scrum Master Characteristics
Scrum Master Checklists
Scrum Master Common Mistakes
Scrum Master F.A.Q.
Scrum Master - Quiz
3 questions

Scrum Artifacts :
Scrum Artifacts
Product Backlog
Good Product Backlog is DEEP
Product Backlog - Quiz
5 questions
User Stories
How to split User Story?
Examples of poor User Stories
User Stories F.A.Q.
PBI's Acceptance Criteria
User Stories - Quiz
4 questions
Estimation Techniques
Planning Poker
Planning Poker F.A.Q.
Team Estimation Game
Ideal Hours
Story Points or Ideal Hours
Estimate Inflation
Estimation Techniques - Quiz
4 questions
Sprint Backlog
Definition of Done
How to write Definition of Done?
Benefits from having Definition of Done
Sprint Backlog, Increment and DoD - Quiz
5 questions

Scrum Events :
Scrum Events
Sprint Length
Burndown Chart
How To Create Burndown Chart?
Interpreting Burndown Charts
Burndown Chart Common Mistakes
Burndown Chart Benefits
Kanban Board
Sprint, Burndown Chart and Kanban Board - Quiz
6 questions
Sprint Planning
Team Velocity
Team Velocity F.A.Q.
Sprint Planning Length
Sprint Planning Common Mistakes
Sprint Planning - Quiz
4 questions
Daily Scrum
Daily Scrum Common Mistakes
Tips for a More Effective Daily Scrum
Daily Scrum - Quiz
5 questions
Sprint Review
Typical Sprint Review Agenda
Sprint Review Common Mistakes
Sprint Review - Quiz
5 questions
Sprint Retrospective
Setting the stage
Gathering the data
Generating Insights
Deciding What To Do
Common Sprint Retrospective Mistakes
Sprint Retrospective - Quiz
3 questions
Backlog Refinement
Backlog Refinement Tips
Backlog Refinement F.A.Q.
Backlog Refinement - Quiz
4 questions

Professional Scrum Master Certification :
Professional Scrum Master Certification
Basic information
How to prepare