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Scrape Websites using PhantomJS and CasperJS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Intro and Projects Overview

Overview and Install :
What is PhantomJS
What is CasperJS
Install Python
Installing PhantomJS
Installing CasperJS

Getting Started with CasperJS :
Setting Up a Project
Options and Workflow

Scraping Search Results :
Introduction to Project
Get Results from
Get Results from - Part 2

Scraping JavaScript Rendered Web Pages :
Introduction to Project
Scraping JS-Rendered - Part 1
Scraping JS-Rendered - Part 2
Scraping JS-Rendered - Part 3
Scraping JS-Rendered - Part 4

Scraping Hotel Data :
Introduction to Project
Project Setup
Get Names and Prices - Part 1
Get Names and Prices - Part 2

Scrape and Capture Multiple Pages :
Introduction to Project
Project Setup
Scrape Product Reviews - Part 1
Scrape Product Reviews - Part 2
Scrape Product Reviews - Part 3
Scrape Product Reviews - Part 4

Log In and Search :
Introduction to Project
Twitter Log In & Search
Twitter Log In & Search - Part 2

Conclusion :
Extras and Tips
Thank You