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Udemy Scalable Web Applications with Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Basics :
Why Web Development is So Complicated
why flask and prerequisites
virtual environments
installing Pycharm on mac
working with pycharm
python classes and basic flask application
http get requests
http post requests

routing in flask :
understanding query strings
numbers and floats
rendering html templates

jinja2 templating :
jinja part 1
jinja part 2
the url_for method
jinja part 4 - filters
jinja part 5 - macros

working with databases :
installing PostgreSQL on mac
installing PostgreSQL on windows
setting up the PostgreSQL database
creating tables

performing CRUD operations :
inserting records
establishing relationships
querying data part 1
querying data part 2
updating and deleting records

working with git and github :
installing git on windows
installing git on mac
git commands part 1
git commands part 2

understanding contexts in flask :
flask context variables part 1
flask context variables part 2

scalable architecture :
scaling applications 1
scaling applications 2
scaling applications 3
scaling applications 4

database models :
models part 1
models part 2 - displaying data in a browser
models part 3 - displaying data in a browser

Integrating twitter Bootstrap with flask :
improve design using flask-bootstrap

working with forms :
a simple form
basic user registration form and CSRF
flask login and password hashing using bcrypt
creating users in the database
adding data validation to the registration process
capturing user credentials using forms part 1
capturing user credentials using forms part 2
writing custom validations
login manager and usermixin classes
letting users login
display login status
logging users out
current user

performing CRUD operations using forms :
delete database records
update database records using forms
inserting database records using forms

error handling in flask :
404, page not found

deploying flask applications to heroku :
preparing the app for deployment
uploading the app to github
defining the environment variables and deploying the app to heroku
restoring PostgreSQL database into heroku using Amazon S3