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Scala and Spark 2 – Getting Started

Introduction :
Setup Java and JDK
Install Scala with IntelliJ IDE
Develop Hello World Program using Scala
Setup sbt and run application HelloWorld
Add spark dependencies to the application
Setting up winutils.exe on Windows (64 bit)
Setup Data Sets - retail_db
Develop first spark application - Get revenue for each order from order_items
Build Jar file using sbt
Download and install Spark using 7z on Windows
Configure environment variables for Spark on Windows
Running spark job using spark-shell
Validating spark job from jar file using spark-submit

Learn Scala for Spark :
Introduction to Scala
REPL Overview
Declaring Variables
Programming Constructs
Code Blocks
Scala Functions - Getting Started
Scala Functions - Higher Order and Anonymous Functions
Scala Functions - Operators
Object Oriented Constructs - Getting Started
Object Oriented Constructs - Objects
Object Oriented Constructs - Classes
Object Oriented Constructs - Companion Objects and Case Classes
Operators and Functions on Classes
External Dependencies and Import
Scala Collections - Getting Started
Mutable and Immutable Collections
Sequence (Seq) - Getting Started
Linear Seq vs. Indexed Seq
Scala Collections - Primitive Operations
Scala Collections - Sorting Data
Scala Collections - Grouping Data
Scala Collections - Set
Scala Collections - Map
Tuples in Scala

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