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SASS from Beginner to Expert (Updated 2018)

Introduction :
What is SASS? What you will know after this course?

Installation :
Ideal editor for working with SASS
Installation and configuration of SASS
Manually compilation of SASS
Solution for problems with SSL when installing SASS

Code Managament :
What are source maps and why they are so cool?
How to compress your CSS files on fly?
How to manage your code to be cleaner?

Syntax :
What are variables and how to properly name them?
How to make drop-down menu using nested-styles?
What are mixins and how to solve problem with vendor prefixes?
What are placeholders and when to use them?
Our own functions and built-in functions
Conditional Statements on practical example using function
Summary quiz
8 questions

Real life examples :
Why Math in Sass is so cool?
Professional Responsive Web Design with SASS
How to use variable value as a text for selector (Interpolation)
Generating small boxes selectors with mixins and interpolation

Advanced :
Loop @for

Summary :
What's next?
Thanks note with a small gift