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SAP OO ABAP : ABAP Objects with Real Time Examples

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming :
Introduction to class and object
2 questions
True or False
2 questions
Method Parameters and Objects relationship
Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Abstract class and Type casting

Global Class :
Introduction to class builder se24
Creating object of the class
Multiple objects of the class
Creating and Calling Methods
Import and Export Parameters

Global Class Practical :
Creating a class and methods for getting material for material number(MARA)
Program to call method printing out material for material number
Table Types in method
User Defined Types in Global Class
Report to print material fields using defined types
Static Attributes and Methods
Difference between static and instance methods
1 question
True or False
1 question

Events in Global Class :
Events in SAP Class
Define Event and Event handler method in Class Builder
Calling Event in ABAP Program

Constructor method in Global Class :
Constructor method Introduction
Defining constructor in Class Builder
Construtor using ABAP
Class-Constructor Example

Polymorphism and interfaces :
Polymorphism and Interfaces Introduction
Creating Interfaces in Class Builder
Calling Interface method in program
Allias for interface method

Inheritance :
Inheritance Introduction
Inheriting from super class
Redefining the inherited method and calling in program
Type-Casting Theory
Encapsulation and Visibility Theory

Local Class :
Local Class Introduction
Local class with attributes
Local class with methods
Table types in Local class
User defined types in Local Class

Events, Constructor, Interface and Inheritance in Local Class :
Events in Local Class
Constructor in Local Class
Class-Constructor in Local Class
Interfaces in Local Class
Inheritance in Local Class

Singleton-Pattern :
Singleton Pattern Introduction
Creating Singleton Class in Class Builder
Creating Singleton Class in Program
6 questions

OOALV - ALV Using Object Oriented ABAP :
ALV using factory method
Looking into cl_salv_table in se24
User Defined types in ALV factory method
Creating a Hotspot for a field
Interactive ALV with factory methos using events
Totals and Sub Totals with factory methods
Header and Footer using ooalv classes
Activate ALV Functions in application toolbar
Add title and zebra pattern to the output
Optimizing column width
Hide or display column
Coloring the columns
All functionalities in one program
Example code for final class