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Sales Skills Mastery 2: The Ultimate Sales Shortcuts

Introduction :
How to Get the Most Benefit from This Course
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Section 2 :

Shortcut #1 "The Ideal Reflection Technique" :
Shortcut #2 1 Quick and Easy Technique to Get Prospect's to Sell Themselves
Shortcut #3 How to Use Amnesia to Close More Business
Shortcut #4 Discovering the Power of Using "Future Links"
Shortcut #5 Talk Less and Earn More Using the "Bounce Back Technique"
4 questions
Section 2 Assignment
2 questions

Section 3 :

Shortcut #6 Motivate Your Prospects by Changing Their Mood with This Weird Trick :
Shortcut #7 Here's What Smart Salespeople Do When They Get Objections
Shortcut #8 An Underutilized Technique for Building Rapport Quickly
Shortcut #9 Here's a Little Known Technique to Improve Your Presentation
Shortcut #10 How to Persuade Prospects Like Elite Salespeople Do
3 questions
Section 3 Assignment
2 questions

Section 4 :

Shortcut #11 The Secrets Of "Sensational Selling" :
Shortcut #12 Quickly Motivate Your Prospects to Buy Using This Powerful Approach
Shortcut #13 A Seldom Used Way to Deal with Distractions
Shortcut #14 Close Sales Faster Using "The Sales Sequence Repeat"
Shortcut #15 How to Open Your Prospect's Mind Using This Simple Technique
4 questions
Section 4 Assignment
2 questions

Section 5 :

Shortcut #16 The Surprising Way to Build Trust and Rapport Quickly :
Shortcut #17: 3 Words That Can Turn Resistance into Agreement
Shortcut #18: How to Future Pace Your Way to Sales That Stick
Shortcut #19 Motivate Your Prospects to Buy Your Product with This
Shortcut #20 Close More Deals Faster by Simplifying
4 questions
Section 5 Assignment
2 questions

Putting Everything Together :
7 Steps to Learn Any New Skill
Unlocking the Synergistic Power of These Techniques

Bonus Section :
How to Deal with Rejection in Sales
“I’m anxious asking for higher fees”
How to Fast-Track Your Sales Prospecting Efforts
How to Have Rock Solid Confidence While Selling
How to Instantly Improve Rapport with This Simple Hack
BONUS: A Surprise Gift, Free Classes and "The Academy of Self-Mastery"