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Ruby Programming for Beginners

Introduction :
Ruby Programming for Beginners - Intro
Welcome To Ruby Programming In Ten Easy Steps
The Little Book Of Ruby
104 pages
Little Book Of Ruby Code Archive
27.3 kB
Getting Started FAQ And Resources
9 pages
Exclusive Discount on The (Big) Book Of Ruby
Getting Ready
First Steps on a Mac
Mac users: quick tip - open a Terminal in any folder
Programming Fundamentals

Step One :
Step One - part one: Strings and embedded evaluation
See it in action: strings
Step One - part two: Objects and methods
Hands-on Session: Ruby basics

Step Two :
Step Two - part one: Creating Classes and Objects
See it in action: classes and objects
Step Two - part two: Initializing & Inspecting Objects
Step 1 and 2 Quiz
8 questions

Step Three :
Step Three - part one: Superclasses and Subclasses
See it in action: class hierarchies
Step Three - part two: Class Hierarchies

Step Four :
Step Four - part one: Attribute Readers & Writers
See it in action: attribute accessors
Step Four - part two: Class Variables
Step 3 and 4 Quiz
8 questions

Step Five :
Step Five - part one: Arrays
See it in action: arrays
Step Five - part two: Array indexing and iterating
Hands-on Session: Arrays
Ruby Programming Projects
5 pages

Step Six :
Step Six - part one: Hashes
See it in action: hashes
Step Six - part two: Keys and Values
Step 5 and 6 Quiz
8 questions

Step Seven :
Step Seven - part one: Loops and Iterators
See it in action: loops
Step Seven - part two: Blocks

Step Eight :
Step Eight - part one: Conditional Statements
Step Eight - part two: Boolean operations
See it in action: conditional tests
Step 7 and 8 Quiz
6 questions

Step Nine :
Step Nine - part one: Modules and Mixins
See it in action: modules
Step Nine - part two: Constants and variables

Step Ten :
Step Ten - part one: Saving Data With YAML
See it in action: YAML
Step Ten - part two: Going Further
Hands-on Session: Classes and Objects revisited
Step 9 and 10 Quiz
8 questions

Extras :
Ruby On Rails
Putting The Ruby Into Rails
Ruby On Rails Notes
2 pages
Ruby Extras
3.7 kB
File Operations and Recursion
File Handling And Recursion
7 pages
Book Of Ruby, Chapter 11: Symbols
10 pages
Adventure Game
3.4 kB
Write An Adventure Game

Moving On... :
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Thank you - so what next...?