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Rock the JVM! Advanced Scala and Functional Programming

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome! Administrative and Setting up Dev Environment :
Welcome! Administrative and Setting up Dev Environment
How to Make the Best Out of This Course

A Taste of Advanced Scala :
Recap: The Scala Basics
Dark Syntax Sugar
Advanced Pattern Matching
Advanced Pattern Matching, Part 2

Advanced Functional Programming :
Partial Functions
Functional Collections: A functional Set
Enhancing A Functional Set
A Functional Set, level 9000: A Potentially Infinite Set
Moar Functional Collections!
Currying and Partially Applied Functions
Lazy Evaluation
Lazy Evaluation Exercise: A Potentially Infinite Stream
Infinite Streams Proficiency: More Exercises
Monads: Exercises

Functional Concurrent Programming :
Intro to Parallel Programming on the JVM
Concurrency Problems on the JVM
JVM Thread Communication
Producer-Consumer, Level 2
Producer-Consumer, Level 3 + Excercises
JVM Thread Communication Exercises
Futures and Promises
Futures, Part 2
Futures, Part 3
Futures, Part 4 + Exercises
Scala & JVM Standard Parallel Libraries

Implicits :
Enter Implicits
Organizing Implicits
Type Classes, Part 1
Type Classes, Part 2
Pimp My Library!
Type Classes, Part 3
A Type Class End-to-End example: JSON Serialization
A Type Class Use Case: The Magnet Pattern
Scala Java conversions

Mastering the Type System :
Advanced Inheritance
Variance Exercises
Type Members
Inner Types and Path-Dependent Types
Structural Types and Compile-Time Duck Typing
Self Types
Recursive Types and F-Bounded Polymorphism
Higher-Kinded Types
Reflection, Part 1
Reflection, Part 2
You Rock!