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RESTful API with Laravel

Video Introducing this tutorial

Preparing the local tools
What we are going to do
Installing Apache and MySQL with XAMPP
Configuring virtual host in local
Installing composer in local environment
Installing and configuring Sublime Text 3 to develop
Installing and using Git and Github in local
Obtaining and configuring Laravel 5 in local
Installing Laravel 5 in Linux or OSx

Creating the structure and components for our API :
The Source Code of The Project
The new Laravel 5 structure and How to use it
Creating our models
Creating our database structure using Laravel and PHP artisan only
Inserting data using seeders and Faker data
Some changes about the routes
Creating the REST routes for our API
Creating our API controllers

Implementing our API operations (methods - CRUD) :
Showing values for an only resource
Showing values for nested resources
The problem with our API and the CSRF middleware
Storing makers in our API, using Request controllers
Storing nested resources, using Request controllers
Updating data for our resources
Deleting resources

Improving the security and features of our API :
Basic Auth and middleware
Hacking our API using CSRF
Avoiding CSRF vulneraibility creating our own Middleware
Improving and fixing our API features

Preparing our production environment :
Creating our production environment on Linux
Creating our own free domain for testing
Installing and configuring Nginx in our production environment
Installing PHP and MySQL in production environment
Installing Composer and Git

Synchronizing and configuring our production environment :
Creating a GitHub account and a public repository.
Synchronizing our local repository with the remote on Github
Putting our Laravel5 project structure on production
Solving the "White page" issue (500 Internal server error)
Finishing Our Laravel5 and Environment Configuration

Useful Features :
Adding the version to our API path
Caching responses to reduce the burden of the database
Pagination of Results

Bug Fixing and Upgrading to Laravel 5.1 :
Upgrading to Laravel 5.1
Fixing Some Details

OAuth2 Security: Controlling Access and Validation of Requests :
Introduction to OAuth2
[Optional] Removing the Old Version of OAuth2
Obtaining and Installing the OAuth2 Server on Laravel
Configuring and Testing The OAuth2 Server
Protecting the Resources and Operations Using OAuth2 access_token

Uploading Files to Our RESTful API :
Creating the Structure to Upload Files
Implementing the Store Method
Implementing the Update Method
Implementing the Other Methods
[Exercise] Protecting the Store, Update and Destroy Methods

Upgrading to Laravel 5.2 :
Upgrading to Laravel 5.2
Solving an Exception Missed Detail

¡Even more! :
What else can you learn?
Take a look of the real time result for the course
Creating a VPS on DigitalOcean