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Responsive PHP Registration Form: From Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Agenda

Downloading XAMPP-Bootstrap-Brackets Editor :
Downloading XAMPP
Configuring XAMPP
Downloading Bootstrap
Downloading Brackets Editor

Simple Configurations and EMMET :
Section Intro Video
Configuring Emmet
Coding HTML Faster With Emmet
Styling with CSS faster using Emmet

PHP Fundamentals :
First PHP Program
Understanding PHP Variables
Functions and Parameters
PHP Objects
PHP Operators
PHP Array

Coding the Complete Login System :
Creating Necessary Files
Linking Bootstrap
Creating Database in phpmyAdmin
Database Connection
PHP Coding for Login Form
HTML coding for login form
Configuring Logout
PHP Coding of User Signup Page (part 1)
PHP Coding of User Signup Page (part 2)
Creating Register Form (part 1)
Creating Register Form (part 2)
PHP Coding of Home Page
Creating Navbar
Creating Jumbotron
Checking Login Form
Styling Login Form

Conclusion :
Course Recap

Source Code Files
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