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RedRabbit Inspections & Maintenance A to Z

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Company Details, Settings & User management :
Logging in to the portal
Company Settings & Defaults
Ordering SMS Credits
Creating / Managing Users & resetting passwords
Company Details & Users Quick Start (Recap)

Basic Portfolio Data :
The home dashboard, Navigation & Column Settings
Data feeds (PayProp, RentalConnect, rpmsOnline & Other imports)
Loading Complexes
Loading a new Property
Loading a new tenant
Working with property portfolios
Loading a new contractor
Portfolio Data Quick Start (Recap)

Inspections :
Setting up default checklist sets
Setting default Areas/Rooms for a property
Allocating new inspections
ANDROID - Installing the inspection app
ANDROID - Conducting a standard Inspection
ANDROID - Reusing a completed inspections's Checklist and Photos
ANDROID - Uploading Completed Inspections
APPLE/IOS - Installing the inspection app
APPLE/IOS - Conducting a standard Inspection
APPLE/IOS - Reusing a completed inspections's Checklist and Photos
APPLE/IOS - Settings & Other features
The inspection dashboard
Compiling & emailing an inspection report
Comparing an inspection with a previous one
Opening a new maintenance ticket from inspection results
Setting Inspection Reminders
Inspections Quick Start (Recap)

Maintenance Tickets :
Opening a new maintenance ticket
The maintenance ticket dashboard
Sending email & SMS updates to the Landlord, Tenant or Contractor
Auto email content and saved replies
Compiling & Sending Job Cards
Maintenance Reminders
Saving & Forwarding Maintenance documents
Closing a maintenance ticket
Maintenance Tickets Quick Start (Recap)

Generating Quotes & Invoices :
Creating Repair Actions
Compiling and Emailing Quotes & Invoices

Closing Remarks :