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Red Hat Linux Certified System Admin – SA3

Introduction :
Links to Download RHEL7 and VMware Workstation
RHEL 7 Installation - Step 1
RHEL 7 Installation - Step 2
Connect from putty

Controlling Services and daemons :
Overview of Systemd
Features of systemd
systemctl and system units

Managing Networking :
NetworkManager Overview
Practice Lab Session -1
Practice Lab Session -2

Network Teaming :
Overview of Network Teaming
Teaming Policies
Configure Activebackup Teaming
Testing Network Teaming

Managing DNS Servers :
Overview of DNS Server
Concept of DNS
Root Name Servers
How DNS Works Over the Internet?
BIND Package
Types of DNS Servers
main conf file of dns
Resource Records
Practice Lab Session - 1
Practice Lab Session - 2
Practice Lab Session - 3
Troubleshooting of dns issues

Configuring iSCSI Targets & Initiator :
About iSCSI Targets
iSCSI Fundamentals
iSCSI Component Terminology
Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3

NFS Network File Systems :
Overview of NFS
Services in NFS
rpc services
How nfs works
Configuration files in NFS
Practice Lab Session - 1
Practice Lab Session - 2
Practice Lab Session - 3

Firewalld - Network Port Security :
Managing Firewalld
Enable/Disable a service
Lab on port forwarding
Managing Rich Rules
Lab - 1
Lab -2
Masquerading & Port forwarding
Lab - 1
Lab - 2
Last lecture

Apache httpd web service :
Overview about Apache httpd web service
Basic Setup
Apache Main Conf file - 1
Apache Main Conf file - 2
Practice Lab Session
Order (Allow, Deny)
Practice Lab Session on Indexes
.htaccess - Security Restrictions on directories
Practice Lab Session
Secure a web server
Encrypted Communication using SSL (443 port)
Practice Lab Session

Postfix Mail Server Configuration :
How email flows from sender to receiver
Mail Service Components
Configure Linux Mail Server (
mynetworks - parameter
mydestination - parameter
Lab on mydestination parameter
Postfix mail flow
Practice Lab Session
About Dovecot, Imap & pop3
Configuring Dovecot
thunderbird - mail user agent for accessing mails

Writing Bash Scripts :
Bash Shell Scripting Basics
Writing Bash Scripts
Variables in Bash Scripts
Lab Session
for loops
Lab - 1
Lab - 2
Lab - 3

Conditional Structures :
if/then statement
Lab Practice Sessions - 1
Lab Practice Sessions - 2
case statement