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Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome :
Outline of the course
Where to get the code

Simple Recommendation Systems :
Section Introduction and Outline
Perspective for this Section
Basic Intuitions
Hacker News - Will you be penalized for talking about the NSA?
Reddit - Should censorship based on politics be allowed?
Problems with Average Rating & Explore vs. Exploit (part 1)
Problems with Average Rating & Explore vs. Exploit (part 2)
Bayesian Approach part 1 (Optional)
Bayesian Approach part 2 (Sampling and Ranking)
Bayesian Approach part 3 (Gaussian)
Bayesian Approach part 4 (Code)
Demographics and Supervised Learning
PageRank (part 1)
PageRank (part 2)
Evaluating a Ranking
Section Conclusion

Collaborative Filtering :
Collaborative Filtering Section Introduction
User-User Collaborative Filtering
Collaborative Filtering Exercise Prep
Data Preprocessing
User-User Collaborative Filtering in Code
Item-Item Collaborative Filtering
Item-Item Collaborative Filtering in Code
Collaborative Filtering Section Conclusion

Matrix Factorization and Deep Learning :
Matrix Factorization Section Introduction
Matrix Factorization - First Steps
Matrix Factorization - Training
Matrix Factorization - Expanding Our Model
Matrix Factorization - Regularization
Matrix Factorization - Exercise Prompt
Matrix Factorization in Code
Matrix Factorization in Code - Vectorized
SVD (Singular Value Decomposition)
Probabilistic Matrix Factorization
Bayesian Matrix Factorization
Matrix Factorization in Keras (Discussion)
Matrix Factorization in Keras (Code)
Deep Neural Network (Discussion)
Deep Neural Network (Code)
Residual Learning (Discussion)
Residual Learning (Code)
Autoencoders (AutoRec) Discussion
Autoencoders (AutoRec) Code

Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs) for Collaborative Filtering :
RBMs for Collaborative Filtering Section Introduction
Intro to RBMs
Motivation Behind RBMs
Neural Network Equations
Training an RBM (part 1)
Training an RBM (part 2)
Training an RBM (part 3) - Free Energy
Categorical RBM for Recommender System Ratings
RBM Code pt 1
RBM Code pt 2
RBM Code pt 3
Speeding up the RBM Code

Big Data Matrix Factorization with Spark Cluster on AWS / EC2 :
Big Data and Spark Section Introduction
Setting up Spark in your Local Environment
Matrix Factorization in Spark
Spark Submit
Setting up a Spark Cluster on AWS / EC2
Making Predictions in the Real World

Basics Review :
(Review) Keras Discussion
(Review) Keras Neural Network in Code
(Review) Keras Functional API
(Review) Confidence Intervals
(Review) Gaussian Conjugate Prior

Appendix :
What is the Appendix?
Windows-Focused Environment Setup 2018
How to How to install Numpy, Theano, Tensorflow, etc...
Is this for Beginners or Experts? Academic or Practical? Fast or slow-paced?
How to Succeed in this Course (Long Version)
How to Code by Yourself (part 1)
How to Code by Yourself (part 2)
Proof that using Jupyter Notebook is the same as not using it
What order should I take your courses in? (part 1)
What order should I take your courses in? (part 2)
Python 2 vs Python 3
BONUS: Where to get discount coupons and FREE deep learning material