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Rebeloper Messages – the Ultimate iMessage App Template

Introducing "Rebeloper Messages X" - a Swift4, iOS 11 Update :
Rebeloper Messages X Promo Video
Setup Rebeloper Messages X
Walktrough of Rebeloper Messages X
Rebeloper Messages X download

Introduction :
Promo Video
Overview of the Course
Example iMessage app: Black Cats Messages on the App Store
First Steps

Meet Rebeloper Messages :
Download, Install Xcode & more
Rebeloper Messages 2 download
Rebeloper Messages 3 download
Overview of the Template Xcode Project
First Run of the Rebeloper Messages
What's new in Rebeloper Messages 3
Stickers, App Icons and other Images
Create and Add your In-App Purchase ID
Upload your build to iTunes Connect
Setting everything up in iTunes Connect
Submit your app to the App store
Black Cats Messages on the App Store

Bonus :
Student Apps Showcase
How to create a Test User - Apple Documentation
Strange bug and solution. App Crashes on first launch