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Udemy Real World – Penetration Testing With Netcat – (Red Teaming)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Netcat :
Installing Netcat On Windows
Netcat In Linux
Different Netcat Flavours

Basic Operations :
Netcat Help Menu
Simple Chat Interface
Secure Way of Creating Communication
Transfering Files
Netcat Cheat Sheet

Netcat Penetration Testing Features :
Using Netcat as a Port Scanner
Banner Grabbing Using Netcat
Scripting Netcat to Identify Web Server Banners

The Dark Side of Netcat :
Reverse Shell Using Netcat
Bind Shell Using Netcat
Gaining Access to the Target Machine with help of Metasploit - Reverse shell
Gaining Access to the Target Machine with help of Metasploit - Bind Shell
What if Netcat Doesnt Have "-e" Option ?
What if Netcat is Not installed in Target Machine ?
File Transfer - Red Teamer Way
Setting up TCP Relaying
Setting Up Ngrok
Attacking Outside the Network - no port forwarding
Access Control - Whitelisting The IP's
Access Control - Blacklist The IP's

./Reverse Shells [one-liners] - Complete Guide :
Introduction to Reverse Connections
Unencrypted reverse connections using netcat
Reverse Shell Using TCP Socket & Backpipes
Different Types of Reverse Shell
Encrypted reverse Connection using SSL Certificates
Reverse Shell Using Powershell Powercat

Darkest Side Of Netcat - Attack Methods :
Netcat Without -e - Offensive Way
Sending encrypted files with just SSL and Netcat
Cryptography Based - Encrypted reverse Shell for *nix
Download and Execute Using Powershell - Auto Exploit
Data Exfiltration Technique Using Netcat

The Darkest Side of Netcat - Post Exploitation :
File Transfer Using Windows Utility
Red Teamer Way - File Transfer Using Powershell
Employing Netcat as a Persistent Agent
Enabling Remote Desktop Remotely
Dumping System Password Hashes And Cracking Using Netcat
Remote Command Execution
The Dark Side of Netcat - Android
Installing Netcat in Android Device
Getting Reverse Shell Using Android
Bind Shell Using Android
Getting Phone Access Using Netcat