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Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity

Real-World Ethical Hacking 1: Hacking Windows! :
Overview: What is Ethical Hacking?
Hacking Windows
The Sticky Keys Hack
Burning a Legal Windows 10 Install Disc
The Hack: First Reboot and Exploit
The Hack (cont.): Second Reboot and Compromise
Hack Finale: Logging in as Administrator!
BONUS: Mac Root Hack!

Create Your Own Virtual Hacking Lab! :
VM Lab Introduction and Virtual Box Installation
Building a Kali Linux 2.0 Virtual Machine
Create a Windows 10 VM
Add a Windows 7 or 8 Virtual Machine
Create an Android Phone/Tablet VM for Mobile Hacking!
The Ultimately Hackable Metasploitable!

Important Linux and Windows Terminal Commands :
Intro to Command-Line Linux and Windows
Basic Linux Commands
Command-Line Linux File Magic!
Advanced Linux Commands
Basic Command-Line Commands for Windows
Windows File Commands
Advanced Windows Command-Line Commands
Command-Line Review for Linux and Windows

Create a Virtual Network for Ethical Hacking! :
Virtual Networking in VirtualBox
Creating the Private, Host-Only 10.0.3.x Network
Connecting Your VMs to the Host-Only Network
Creating and Using a Public NAT Network in VBox

Social Engineering: Capturing Usernames and Passwords via Phishing :
Intro to Social Engineering
The Social Engineer's Toolkit in Kali Linux
Cloning Facebook and Harvesting User Passwords
Intro to Spear-Phishing
Advanced IP Address Masking: Hiding Your Real URL
Crafting the Perfect Spear-Phishing Email
Capturing the User's Login and Password in Kali
Review: Social Engineering Techniques
Stopping Phishing at Work and at Home

BONUS Section: Car Hacking in Kali Linux! :
Intro to Car Hacking!
Installing the CAN-utils on Kali
Using git to Install ICSim Instrument Cluster Simulator
Running the ICSimulator
Capturing CAN Traffic with CanSniffer
The Replay Attack: Replaying CAN Packets with CANplayer
Car Hacking Review
BONUS: Hacking the Car Hacking Software, to 1000 mph!
Car Hacking LIVE on Dr. Payne's VW Jetta: Facebook Live Video from NCWA 2017

Hacking Windows 7 with Metasploit! :
Intro to Metasploit
Setting up Guest Additions in VirtualBox
Creating an Exploit Payload with Metasploit
Sharing the Exploit over the Web
Running the Exploit to Hack Windows 7
Intro to Meterpreter: Your Remote Attack Shell!
Privilege Escalation: Gaining Root Access and Dumping Password Hashes
Metasploit & Meterpreter Review

Hacking Windows 10 with Metasploit and Meterpreter in Kali Linux :
Hacking Windows 10 with Metasploit
Viewing and Downloading Files from a Victim Computer in Meterpreter
Grabbing Screenshots, Logging Keystrokes, and Shutting Down Windows 10 Remotely

Password Problems - Everybody's Got 'Em: Hacking, Cracking, Snacking & Hijacking :
Six Problems with Passwords
Hijacking Stored Passwords from Chrome and Firefox
Sniffing the Network: Installing Wireshark
Sniffing Unencrypted Passwords with Wireshark
Cracking Passwords with Kali and Online Tools
Seven Things You Can Do for Safer Passwords

Web Hacking - Testing and Securing Web Applications :
Intro to Web Hacking
Hands-on Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks That Work!
SQL (Structured Query Language) Injection: Messing with Databases
Advanced SQLi Attacks
Securing Web Applications from XSS, SQLi and More

Mobile Hacking on Android :
Intro to Hacking Android with Metasploit
Creating the Meterpreter Payload for Android
Exploiting Android from Kali Linux using Meterpreter
Advanced Android Exploits: Accessing Storage, Downloading and Uploading Files

Bonus Videos: National Cyber Warrior Academy, Interviews and More :
Bonus videos from the National Cyber Warrior Academy
NCWA 2016
NCWA 2017 Facebook Live Video on Car Hacking and Drone Programming
WDUN Radio Interview July 2017 on Cybersecurity Jobs and NCWA