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Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) MasterClass

Video Introducing this tutorial

Equip Yourself With The RIGHT Investment Knowledge :
Course Overview
The Truth About REITs
Strengthen Your REITs Foundational Knowledge
Uncover 6 Costly Misconceptions About REIT Investing
Becoming A Master REIT Investor [Important]

Your Dividend Investing Journey Begins (Step A) :
Where and How Do I Start?

In Search Of Exceptional REITs (Step B) :
Popular REITs And The A.L.M Framework
How To Select Exceptional Retail REITs
How To Select Exceptional Hospitality REITs
How To Select Exceptional Industrial REITs
How To Select Exceptional Healthcare REITs
How To Select Exceptional Commerical REITs

Determine The Worth Of Any REIT (Step C) :
How To Value Stable REITs [Fast and Effective Method]
How To Value Growing REITs [Free Investment Model]
The Popular Way To Value REITs

Protect Your Dividends: Risk Management Techniques (Step D) :
Identify And Anticipate The Risks
Risk Management Plan-The Bit Most Investors Get Wrong
Clever Ways To Structure Your REIT Portfolio

Going Forward- Keeping Your Income Stream Alive :
Conclusion + Final Tip

(BONUS) Topic - Potential Investments :
Uncommon REITs And Where To Find Them

(New & Updated) Testbank :
Test Your Knowledge - Basic Level
10 questions
Test Your Knowledge - Intermediate Level
10 questions
Test your knowledge - Advance Level
10 questions

(BONUS) REITs Information Vault :
Summary Notes For Lecture 8 to 12
Introducing REITs
The Glory Of REITs
Smashing Through A REIT’s Income Statement
Deciphering A REIT’s Balance Sheet and its Financing Practices
Rapid Focus: Building A Strong REIT Portfolio
How To Value REITs
Managing your REIT Portfolio Well
Finding Winners In Peculiar Places
Good Articles Regarding REIT Investment

(EXTRA) Learn To Invest Successfully -The Right Way The First Time :
Value Investing In A Nut Shell
Rethink Wealth- Value Traps
Common Ratios Used In Investing