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Real Estate Career Starting Out Strong

Introduction :

Lesson 1: The Basics of the Real Estate Agent :
The Basics of the Real Estate Agent

Lesson 2: Choosing the right real estate agency :
Lean is better
The importance of market dominance
The importance of a good manager
The boss & colleagues
Public perception of real estate agents
Fees & charges of a real estate agent
Agency performance
Agency traits to watch out for
Agency commission & pay
Session 2 Summary

Lesson 3: Prospecting & getting clients the right way :
Prospecting the right way
Business marketing budget
Don't like prospecting
My top 4 prospecting choices
Direct mail prospecting
The power of the prospecting letter
Giving not getting attittude
For sale by owner approach
Contacting clients & the rules
Door to door the easier way
Expired listings
Prospecting summary

Lesson 4: The Appraisal :
The appraisal basics
Learn the market
Visit open homes or open inspectons
Study past sales
Study the current market
The benefits of knowing your local market
Building analysis & 4 key criteria
A basic CMA exercise
Why use the CMA
The value of the CMA
What does a CMA look like?
Key important tips
The CMA summary
BONUS: The importance of area knowledge
BONUS: Legal knowledge
BONUS: Communication

Lesson 5: The Listing Presentation :
The listing presentation
Right property, right price, right time
Right property
Burnt listing
Right price & time
Be prepared for a new listing
Overcoming objections
Objections the benefits
Ethics are powerful
The marketing plan
Know your market knowledge

Lesson 6: The USP - Unique Selling Proposition :
Getting the USP
BONUS: The listing communication
BONUS: Roundup listing presentation

Lesson 7: Databases :
Keep your client database secure at all times

Lesson 8: The Power of the Newsletter :
The Power of the Newsletter

Lesson 9: Why legal knowledge is important :
The Importance of legal knowledge in a real estate role

Lesson 10: Be active, be sucessful :
Be Active & stay out of the office

Lesson 11: The Importance of a good Sales administration :
The admin structure of a real estate office
The admin compliment for an effective salesperson
Master the admin compliment to be a sales success

Lesson 12: Affordable Managed Marketing :
Affordable managed marketing
Marketing strategy
Effective marketing spend
Regular & consistent marketing
So many marketing techniques
Sign written car
Marketing postcard
Personalized notepad
Community Newsletter
Community newsletter topics
Print publications
Personal website
Marketing summary

Lesson 13: Recession :

Lesson 14: Love People, Love Selling, Love Property - in that order :
Love People, Love Selling, Love Property

Lesson 15: Staying educated & motivated :
Staying motivated & educated in real estate
Stay educated
Know your rental market
Overcome time wasting
Time wasting - Solutions
Positive words
Be prepared and make the most of small things
Overcoming obstacles
Healthy body, healthy mind
The importance of staying healthy in real estate

Lesson 16: Internal politics of real estate :
Internal politics in real estate
Bad agent behavior example
The Phantom Dribbler

Lesson 17: Networking :
Effective networking
Plan & manage your networking
Be unique
Help others
Course summary Thanks