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Read ANY Language WITHOUT Vocabulary ™

Introduction and Resources Downloads :
Introduction 1: CDI in Korea
Instructor Biography
Resources ( Magic Word Table and Excel Spread Sheet)
Reading Rules

The Magic Word Table Part 1 :
The Magic Word Table: The Main Idea
The Magic Word Table Part 2 (Mandatory)
Adjectives and Past Participles Do The Work!

Quick Overview of Reading Method :
Overview of Reading Method: The Four Rules of Languages
Reading Method Part 2
War and Peace Word Analysis
Magic Word Table Proof

Preview of Lessons :
Reading Spanish
Preview of Italian

Reading French :
The Method
Scan for Prepositions (De, Par, Avec, Pour)
High Frequency Helping Verbs (Etait, Sont, A, Ont)
High Frequency Helping Verbs (Etait, Sont, A, Ont) Part 2
Pattern of Organization Part 3
Last Paragraph

Reading Spanish :
The Method
Spotting Prepositions
Identifying Hacer, Estar, and Haber
Identifying the Pattern of Organization

Reading Italian :
Lesson Preview for Computer Users
Lesson Preview for Cell Phone Users
Scanning for Prepositions
Helping Verbs Part 1
Pattern of Organization Analysis
Pattern of Organization Analysis