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React VR – Creating Virtual Reality Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introducing the Course :
Introducing the Instructor
Installing ReactVR
Installing a Code Editor
Getting the Source Code for the Course

Essentials of ReactVR :
Understanding React and ReactVR
Project Structure and Configuration
Components and the Pano Component
Coordinates and Transformations
Events and the Cursor System
Essentials of ReactVR | Section Overview

Project One | World Tour :
Previewing World Tour
Setting Up World Tour
Toggling a Menu Button
Creating the Menu
Updating the Pano
World Tour Overview and Challenges

Project Two Preview | Shapes in React VR :
React VR Shapes Part 1
React VR Shapes Part 2

Project Two | Shape Game :
Previewing Shape Game
Setting Up the Shape Game
Creating a Shape Component
Creating a List of Shapes
Setting Base Shapes and an Odd One Out
Keeping Track of a Score
AsyncStorage for Saving Data
Shape Game Overview and Challenges

Project Three Preview | Models and Animations in VR :

Project Three | Weather Simulator :
Previewing Weather Simulator
Setting Up Weather Simulator
Accessing the API
Understanding Web Requests
Fetching Data from the API
Generating a WeatherCard Component
Creating a Weather Model
Animating the Weather Model
Weather Simulator Overview and Challenges

Final Remarks :
Publishing Your Project
Final Remarks and Bonus Lecture: Want More Content?