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React Native – The Practical Guide

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
What is React Native?
A Closer Look
What Happens to JavaScript?
Creating Our First React Native App
Dealing with Limitations of React Native
What a Good Course Offers
Course Requirements
Course Outline
How to get the Most out of This Course
Useful Resources & Links

Diving into the Basics :
Module Introduction
Creating a New Project
JSX Elements you Can and Can't Use
Ejecting from Create React Native App
How to Use the Attached Code
Running the App on an Android Simulator (+ Setup)
Running our App on a Real Android Device
Preparing XCode (for iOS)
Running our App on an iOS Simulator
Running our App on an iOS Device
A Good Development Setup
Working on the App: Adding a Textinput
Styling - Understanding the Basics
More on Flexbox
Positioning Elements with Flexbox
Adding a Button and Managing State
Creating a Custom Component
Time to Practice - The Basics
1 question
Listening to Touch Events
Reacting to Press Events
Using a ScrollView
Rendering Lists Correctly
Adding Static Images
Using Network Images
Adding a Modal
React vs React Native
JavaScript - Supported Features
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Using Redux with React Native :
Module Introduction
A Brief Redux Refresher
Installing Redux and Creating a Basic Setup
Setting Up Actions
Setting Up the Reducer
Creating the Store
Connecting React Native to Redux
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Debugging React Native Apps :
Module Introduction
Using the Remote JavaScript Debugging console.log
Debugging with Breakpoints
Debugging+++ with React Native Debugger
Debugging Redux
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Linking and Using Third Party Libraries :
Module Introduction
Installing Libraries
Automatic Linking
Linking Libraries on iOS
Linking Libraries on Android
Using Library Features: Adding Icons
Wrap Up

Navigation in React Native Apps :
Module Introduction
Navigation in Web Apps vs Native Apps
Exploring Native Navigation Solutions
Adding React Native Navigation to iOS
Adding React Native Navigation to Android
Finishing the Library Setup
Registering and Rendering a Screen
Adding a Tabs Screen (Tabs Navigation)
Adding Icons to Tabs
Connecting Screens to Redux
Updating Redux
Pushing Pages (Navigating "Forwards")
Popping Pages (Navigating "Backwards")
More Navigator Methods
Adding a Side Drawer
Using Navigation Events & Toggling the Drawer
Finishing the Drawer
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Styling & Animating React Native Apps (Correctly) :
Module Introduction
Using StyleSheet vs Normal JS Objects
Vanilla CS vs React Native Styles
Flexbox in Action
Styling with Relative Units
"Global Styles" with Custom Components
Synthetic Cascading of Styles
Styling Text
Cascading Text Styles
Adding a Background Image
Creating a Re-Usable Custom Button
Editing the "Share Place" Screen
Styling & Splitting the "Share Place" Screen
Finishing the "Share Place" Screen
Your Challenge!
Styling the Side Drawer
Quick Bug Fix: PlaceInput Component
Intro: Cross Platform Styles & Responsiveness
Cross-Platform Styling Made Easy!
Using the Platform API
Loading Different Icons for Different Platforms
Using Different Entry Points (into the App)
Cross-Platform UI Libraries
The "Responsive Styling" Problem
Responsive Design Solutions
Using the Dimensions API
Adjusting Styles Dynamically (to changing Width / Height)
A Better Responsive Solution
Bug Fix: Centering with Margins
Cleaning Up Dimensions Listeners
Time to Practice - Responsive Designs
1 question
Styling Navigation Items (react-native-navigation)
Preparing the App for Animations
Using the Animated API
Time to Practice - Animations
1 question
Animations Summary
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Handling User Input :
Module Introduction
Managing Input/ Control State
Adding Custom Validation Logic
Using the Validation State
Dispatching an Auth Action
Switching Form (Auth) Modes
Configuring Text Input Components
Handling the Soft Keyboard
Time to Practice - User Input
1 question
Wrap Up
KeyboardAvoidingView and ScrollView
Useful Resources & Links

Using Native Device Features - Maps, Camera & Image Gallery :
Module Introduction
Installing react-native-maps
Rendering a Map
Picking a Location on the Map
Adding a Map Marker
Animating Map Movement
Locating the User
Storing the Picked Location with Redux
Time to Practice - Maps
1 question
Installing react-native-image-picker
Using the Image Picker
Storing the Picked Images
Image Picker and the Data it Returns
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Networking - Sending Http Requests :
Module Introduction
Sending Http Requests - Theory
Creating the Server
Using the Fetch-API
Storing Data in Firebase
Storing Images
Finishing the Image Upload Function
Storing the Remaining Data
Adding the Activity Indicator
Handling Errors
Http, fetch() and Error Handling
Getting Data from the Server
Fixing an Error
Time to Practice - Http
1 question
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Authentication in React Native Apps :
Module Introduction
How Authentication Works in React Native Apps
Enabling Firebase Authentication
Signing Users Up
Using the Authentication Result (Response)
Supporting Signup and Login
Adding User Login
Protecting Routes on Firebase
Storing the Auth Token in Redux
Using the Auth Token
Fetching the Token in a Re-Usable Way
Protecting the Firebase Cloudfunction
Adding Places (Authenticated)
Storing the Token in AsyncStorage
Adding an Auto-Signin Functionality
Managing the Token Expiration
Clearing the Auth Storage (AsyncStorage)
Refreshing the Token
Adding User Logout
Refreshing the Token Without App Reloads
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Polishing the App :
Module Introduction
Identifying "Improvement Potential"
Shrinking Image Sizes
Resetting the "Share Place" Screen
Redirecting to Another Tab
Loading Places All The Time!
Improving Http Error Handling
Cleaning Stored Images (on Firebase)
Wrap Up

Publishing the App :
Module Introduction
Adding Launcher Icons
Adding a Splash Screen
Configuring & Building the App
Publishing to Google Play Store (Android)
Publishing to the App Store (iOS)
Publishing the App - Detailed Instructions
Useful Resources & Links

Round Up :
Course Roundup

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