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React Native: Advanced Concepts

Video Introducing this tutorial

Expo Setup :
Introduction - Start Here!
Github Links
Creating React Native Apps
Why Expo?
Creating Our First App

Animations with React Native :
Animation Systems
The Animation Module
Animation from Square One
Moving a Ball
How Animations Work
Animation from Another Angle
Swipe Deck Props
Component Boilerplate
Deck Data
Interplay Between Components
Customizing Individual Cards

Handling Gestures :
The Pan Responder System
Pan Responder's Event Handlers
The Gesture Object
Dragging a Card

Applying Animation Styling :
Animating Single Cards
How to Rotate Elements
Interpolating Rotation Values
Linear Relations with Interpolation
Limiting Rotation with Interpolation
Springing Back to Default
Detecting Minimum Swipe Distance
Programmatic Animation
Forcing Swipes
Callbacks on Swipe Completion

Component Reusability :
Writing Reusable Components
The DefaultProps System
Resetting Card Position
Advancing the Deck
Handling Empty Lists
Getting the Cards to Stack
Troubleshooting Flashing Images
Cascading Card List
Animating Advancing Cards
Resetting the Index
Deck Wrapup

One Time Password Authentication :
Review of Common Auth Flows
The Details of One Time Passwords
Tech Stack with Google Cloud Functions
Traditional Servers vs Google Cloud Functions
Layout of Google Cloud Functions
Firebase Project Setup
Deploying a Firebase Project
Testing Deployed Functions
Project File Structure
The Request and Response Objects
Generating a Service Account
Sanitizing User Inputs
Creating New Users
Testing New User Creation

Twilio Integration :
Texting from Twilio
Twilio Credentials
Accessing Saved Users
Quick Note
Sending Texts to Users
Generating Access Codes
Verifying One Time Passwords
Invalidating Used Codes
Generating JWT's

Client Side One Time Passwords :
Transitioning to React Native
App Boilerplate
Defining Instance Properties
Invoking Cloud Functions
Refactoring with Async/Await
Debugging with Async/Await
Async/Await on User Signin
Capturing Tokens
Firebase Auth with a JWT
Breather and Review

Bringing it All Together :
App Overview
Screen Walkthrough
More Screen Walkthroughs
App Challenges and Solutions
Screens vs Components
React Native Navigation Options
React Navigation in Practice
Screen Boilerplate
Implementing the First Navigator
Nesting Navigators
Wiring Up Stack Navigators
Class vs Instance Properties
Customization with Header Options
Programmatic Navigation
Styling the NavBar
The Welcome Screen
Styling the Welcome Screen
Even More Welcome Screen Styling!
Navigation from the Welcome Screen
More on Welcome Screen Navigation

Facebook Authentication :
Facebook Auth Flow
The Facebook Dev Console
Redux Setup
Using Async Storage
Crazy Async/Await Syntax
Logging in With Facebook
Testing Facebook's Login Flow
Quick Note
World's Biggest Gotcha
The Auth Reducer
Skipping the Auth Screen
Testing Auth Flow
Advancing the Welcome Screen
Resolving the Loading Screen

MapViews on React Native :
Showing a Map
Interacting with the MapView
Working around MapView Issues
The Indeed Jobs API
Location API Mismatch
Converting LatLong to Zip Code
Fetching a List of Jobs
Issuing Action Creators from MapScreen
The Jobs Reducer
Navigating from Action Creators
The Deck Screen
Importing the Deck Component
Applying the Swipe Component
Styling Job Cards
Customizing MapViews
Android Compatibility
Dynamic Key Props
One More Swipe Deck Fix
Liking a Job
Considering Only Unique Jobs
The Review Screen
Rendering a List of Liked Jobs
Applying to Jobs
Mapping a Jobs Location
Styling the Job Card
Clearing Liked Jobs
Redirecting Back to the Map
Callback Gotcha
Tab Bar Icons
Tab Bar Config
Android Specific Fixes

Offline Data Persistence :
Push Notifications and Data Persistence
Persisting Application State
Wiring Up Redux Persist
How Redux Persist Works
Redux Persist - Huge Gotcha!

Push Notifications :
Push Notification Overview
Registering For Push Notifications
Generating Push Tokens
Testing Notifications
More on Notifications and Wrapup