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React JS – Build real world JS apps & deploy on cloud

Introduction :
Your first React JS Application
Extending your first React JS Application
Course Structure
Taking advantage of course material

Overview and Installation :
Installation - Sublime Text, Node.js and Npm
Installing React JS and Setting up the workspace

The Basics :
Understanding JSX
Components - State and Stateless
Understanding Props
Prop Validations
Components API
Components Life Cycle
Forms in React - Part 1
Forms in React - Part 2
Forms in React - Part 3
React Router - Part 1
React Router - Part 2
[new] - React Router 4.0 installation and Docs

Project - Game :
Let's get the HTML structure in Place
Moving the options to the child component!
Adding the dynamic behavior to our new Child!
Make the 2 numbers random!
Randomize the game logic! Yes, it's all about the logic..
Game Play - Click the option tiles and determining the correct one!
Let's play again!
Let's add some animations!

Project Assignment - Easy ABC :
Adding the HTML structure!
Making content load from a JSON file
Let's add some functionality on the next button!
Now, lets make sure our past is covered - adding previous button functionality
Lets add some sound to our game!
Adding the 'random' and 'sound' settings
Deploy the app to Heroku!

Build my Resume :
Overview - Ofcourse, there has to be an overview!
Let's Reactify our Orbit Theme
How about fetching the data from a JSON file?
Break Things Down - To create components!
Add more components - Let's make it dynamic
Wrapping up - Deploying

Love To Eat - Real world application :
Let's setup Bootstrap for our app! Yes, Twitter Bootstrap!
Routing is the important aspect of any app! Let's add it...
[New] React Router 4.0 Upgrade to Real World Example - Love To Eat
Adding the input form!
Adding Ingredients to our App!
Let's create our Recipe object!
Everything needs to be stored somewhere! - LocalStorage
Let's upload some images - with Cloudinary

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