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React Hooks Projects Course 2019 : Build 4 Real Applications

Introduction to the course :

Introduction to hooks (and mini project) :
Create React App
Creating Our Form
Modifying Form Input
Using Our API
Finishing Our Functionality
Creating Our Own Custom Hooks

Project 1 - Todo App :
Todo App Introduction
Setting Up The Project
Application Analysis
Creating Input Fields
Displaying The Todo's
Delete Todo's Functionality
Complete Todo's Functionality
Saving Todo's Using Local Storage
Using React Context
Deploying Our App

Project 2 - Movie Project :
Movie App Introduction
Setting Up The Project
Adding Search Bar Component
Creating Our Search Context
Getting The API Key
Using The API
Adding The Search List Component
Adding The Movie Selection Functionality
Displaying The Movie Data
Deploying Our App

Project 3 - Budget Project :
Budget App Introduction
Header Hooks And Submit Functionality
Adding The Header Component
Income And Expenses List Hooks
Income And Expenses List Components
Delete Items Functionality
Saving Data Using The Local Storage
Deploying Our App

Project 4 - Flash-Card Project :
Flash Card App Introduction
Quiz Form Component
Saving Data Using local storage
Adding The Navigation Routes
Quiz Component Part I
Quiz Component Part II (Adding The Carousel)
Quiz Component Part III (Making Our Cards Flip)
Quiz Component Part IV (Showing The Questions)
Deleting Cards Functionality
Deploying Our App