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Quick introduction to influxdb

Preperation: Download code and install requirements :
Clone repo and follow instructions

Influxdb project 1: Write and read temperatures using the influxdb REST api :
Section 1: Scenario, learning objectives, and steps
Theory: Influxdb schema and LINE protocol
Influxdb schema and LINE protocol
5 questions
Theory: Influxdb query language
Influxdb query language
3 questions
Scenario schema design and schema design checklist
Setup influxdb using docker-compose
Create a db with postman
Write a datapoint with postman
Query datapoints with postman
Create a db with python
Write temperatures for a whole day in python
Querying temperatures in python
Graph the temperatures using highcharts
Explanation of visualization code
Recap and issues
Retention policy and continuous query for downsampling
Advanced queries
Setup and deploy
Influx internals
Where to go next in the documentation