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Udemy PyTorch Tutorial – Neural Networks & Deep Learning in Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction To the Course - Welcome to the PyTorch Primer :
Welcome to PyTorch
Data and Scripts
Get Started With the Python Data Science Environment: Anaconda
Anaconda for Mac Users
The iPython Environment
Why PyTorch?
Install PyTorch
Installing PyTorch-Written Instructions
Further Installation Instructions for Mac
Working With CoLabs

Introduction to Python Data Science Packages (Other Than PyTorch) :
Python Packages for Data Science
Introduction to Numpy
Create Numpy Arrays
Numpy Operations
Numpy for Basic Vector Arithmetric
Numpy for Basic Matrix Arithmetic
PyTorch Basics: What Is a Tensor?
Explore PyTorch Tensors and Numpy Arrays
Some Basic PyTorch Tensor Operations

Other Python Data Science Packages For Dealing With Data :
Read in CSV data
Read in Excel data
Basic Data Exploration With Pandas

Basic Statistical Analysis With PyTorch :
Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) Regression- Theory
OLS Linear Regression-Without PyTorch
OLS Linear Regression From First Principles-Theory
OLS Linear Regression From First Principles-Without PyTorch
OLS Linear Regression From First Principles-With PyTorch
More OLS With PyTorch
Generalised Linear Models (GLMs)-Theory
Logistic Regression-Without PyTorch
Logistic Regression-With PyTorch

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) :
Introduction to ANN
PyTorch ANN Syntax
What Are Activation Functions? Theory
More on Backpropagation
Bringing Them Together
Setting Up ANN Analysis With PyTorch
DNN Analysis with PyTorch
More DNNs
DNNs For Identifying Credit Card Fraud
An Explanation of Accuracy Metrics

Neural Networks on Images :
What Are Images?
Read in Images in Python
Basic Image Conversions
Why AI and Deep Learning?
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) For Image Classification
Deep Neural Networks (DNN) For Image Classification

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning :
What is CNN?
Implement CNN on Imagery Data
Implement CNN Using a Pre-Trained Model