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Python Pandas Data Science for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Prepare the environment :
Course introduction
Set'em up!
Prepare the datasets
Say Hi! to our playground!

Python Crush in 30 mins! :
Hello, there!
Master variables: number, string, and boolean
Master Strings
Master Lists
Master Dictionaries
Master Sets
Loop - into infinity
If condition

Pandas Series :
Series creation
Series operation
Handouts for Pandas Series

Pandas Dataframe - Import and Selection :
Import data (Excel, CSV)
Export data (Excel, CSV)
Array transformation
Select by Column
Select by Row
Select by Column and Row
Select by Condition
Exercise: Dataframe selection
Solution: Dataframe selection
Handouts for Pandas Dataframe Import and Selection

Pandas Dataframe - Manipulation :
Intro and Backup your data
Re-name and Re-arrange Columns
Changing and Restore Index
Delete Columns/Rows
Insert Columns/Rows
Section Quiz
3 questions
Handouts for Pandas dataframe manipulation

Data Visualization :
Section Introduction
Data values: Series plot and Bar plot
Make your plots prettier!
Data Distribution: Histogram and Box plot
Data Concentration: Scatter plot and Heat map - NEW LECTURE
Data Composition: Pie plot and Area plot - NEW LECTURE
Handouts for Data Visualization

Regression Analysis :
Linear Regression - Part 1
Linear Regression - Part 2

Bonus Section: Master Numpy :
Import Numpy and fundamentals
Create array
Print array
Array operations
Indexing, slicing, and iterating
Generate statistics
Section Quiz
3 questions
Handouts for Numpy