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Python GUI Programming using Tkinter and Python 3

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course :
Installing Python and Pycharm
Quiz - 1
1 question

Python Basics :
Variables and Priting Statements
If-Else Condition
Taking Input from the User
Lists and Arrays
For - Loops
While - Loops
Importing Packages and Modules
Quiz - 2
1 question

Introduction to Tkinter :
Making your first Window
Changing Title and Icons
Quiz - 3
2 questions

Layouts in Tkinter :
Organizing your Layout
Fitting Widgets in your Layout
Grid Layout
More on the Grid Layout
Quiz - 4
2 questions

Interaction with GUI :
Binding Functions to Layouts
Mouse Click Events
Using Classes
Quiz - 5
1 question

Widgets using Python GUI Programming :
Creating Drop Down Menus
Creating a Toolbar
Adding the Status Bar
Quiz - 6
1 question

Python Graphics and Shapes :
Line Graphics
Creating a Box
Deleting the Canvas
Adding Images
Quiz - 7
1 question

The Scale Widget
SpinBox Widget